Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Frame: "Warna" Trans 7

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Yeayness! Again had a chance to be shot by Trans 7 in "Warna" TV program. And again in frame with Irna, and Mbak ayu.. and with Kak Rimma and of course the famous Shabby Chic owner, Ria Miranda. Hehe!

 You know what! the funny thing is, the camera person (camera girl) is my junior in Broadcasting UI. I was batch 2006, while she was batch 2007. Oh my! What a coincidence, and... she told me that she had just filming Marshanda for this Warna tv program. What?? me and caca will be in a same day, same time, same tv program? hihihih.

 The script is, we are the cupu jilbabers which (randomly) will be catched and chosen by Uni Ria to be make over. Erghh! i know uni was very happy to see us like this, she made us a ver very cupu jilbabers hihi.
Shooting location at Taman Suropati, Menteng

I really excited that Mbak Ayu will do my make up. Huah! That was my very first time! And its for free! So i'd do anything to be make over by Mbak ayu and uni, even should be cupu first! hahaha *lebay!*

During the make up time, i was very fussy, i ask what tools that she put on me, how much the price and all! I want to learn make up for free, thats actually what im thinking of :p

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Love it so much!
She makes something smokey on my eyes. She blends many colours, and apply it to my eyes. I cant event remember what the colours are and how to put it on *__*

Sooo, Did you watched "Warna" on Friday, 5th of August? hehehehhee...

i got the pics here.. hmmm.. to bad, the "after" make over capture is not good enough hehe

This pic is taken by my hubby whom watched me thru Mivo. TV hehee. Alhamdulillah he watched it!
I got interviewed, I said : "Gak nyangka hasilnya kaya gini, bagus banget.. Sukaaa bangett" *dengan suara dan ekspresi sok imut*

ihiy! Never thought that i'd be this so girly!
Thanks Trans 7, Uni and Mbak ayu :)


  1. Asik deh, ngartis bgt ya belakangan ini ka kara hihi :p
    itu yg dipake after makeover, koleksinya ria miranda, tau harganya berapa gak kak kara? hihi. thanku *jd nanya di sini :p

  2. Huss! Masih byk yg lebih artis kok heheheh, ini hanyalah numpang eksis :p
    Iya designya Ria Miranda, wah aku tak tau harganyaa hehhe.. Mau yak? :D

  3. ass karaa,, suka deh buka blog kmu n crta2 kmu.. lam kenal ya.... sampe2 twiter kamupun ku follow.. :))

    pengen gabung jg ma hijabers:(
    biar bs ktm kmu n wanita2 cantik lainnya..

  4. berarti sukses bgt eksisnya ni :p
    iya, mau banget. lucu + syar'i :)


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