Sunday, March 20, 2011



Alhamdulillah! Hjaberss Community has officially launched at Pondok Indah lestari, March 19 2011. 
May you enjoyed the event and for those who didnt come, we'll meet you on the next event yah InsyaAlloh :)

for more photos about HC Launching you may hop onto my friend's blog Siti Juwariyah > style inspiration , on stage , backstage


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bendigo Agogo!

Still about my story and pic from Melbourne where my bebi lives.
A week before i went back home to Jakarta, Saturday, i accompany my hubby to work, filming some of football matches which held by kind of football federation there. Yeah thats his work, he often works in weekend for filming wedding or football.
 That time, we go to Bendigo, its far away from melbourne.. the distance is like maybe if we go to Bogor or Bdg from Jakarta. It tooks about 1-2 hours.

Its a small town and lots of old buildings.
while he's working i was sleeping in the car, because i was really sleepy at that time. hihi sorry bebbi. hmm.. i slept, skip almost two matches, so yeah i sleep about two hours! haha!

after all those filming thingy, time to us to enjoy the bendigo before we go back home.
*kaya foto prewed yak?? haha!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Friends in Melbourne

Had a choco time with my old friend, Widy, at Max Brenner, Melbourne Central. She's my friend at elementary school, SD Bhakti then we got in the same college at UI. I'm a Broadcast student and she's Public Relation.

Vic Market is a huge market that we can buy some souvenirs for our family, friends and others. Then we went to wool baa, a store which sells various wool. I bought some wools for my aunty whom love to do "Hakken"

Taking picture with Mbak Laila with the Tram as the background. 
We had a great day! We shopped at DFO and lunchy lunchy at Kopi Tiam Mamak, QV.

With Bude kus and Mbak Sheila. Mbak sheila and family invited me and faz to have a lunch at their house. We talked bout anything especially about the difference of living in Melbourne and Jakarta. Nice :)

With Ifa, a young mom of cutey baby Hamish! Ifa is also the loyal customer of MYKAMOVIC. She asked me to bring some of mykamovic's long dress to Melbourne, and yeah she bought 4 dresses! Woww!
She is very nice, when i first arrived in Melbourne she made a delicious fettucini carbonara for me and faz. She also gave me Cosmopolitan and Vogue Australia.. and gave me two cups of mint choco chip ice cream! Yeaaa i guess she knows what i love exactly from this blog. I mentioned "what do i love" at the bottom-right side of this blog. Uhuuyy!
Thanks dear :)

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