Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kara Makeup Tutorial : Smokey Eyes

My 2nd make up tutorial video : Smokey Eyes

AGAIN! Sorry for this low light and bad quality video, but i cant wait to share it to all of you. I promise InsyaAllah i'll make a good quality video next time, owkay!
enjoy.. hopefully it works on you, gorgeous ;)

Monday, October 24, 2011

1st wed anniversary

24th of October , 2010
about 4 pm (WIB) at PTIK, Kebayoran
Jakarta - Indonesia

"Saya terima nikahnya Kara Rahmamitya Anindyajati binti Suryo Busono, dengan mas kawin tersebut dibayar tunai!"

*menghela nafas* *Alhamdulillah*


24th of October, 2011
about 5pm at Hobsons Choice (Cafe), Williamstown
Melbourne - Australia

Tahun ini kita udah tinggal bareng berapa lama ya beb?

Hmm.. Januari 1 bulan, Maret 2 minggu, Juli 2 Minggu, Agustus 2 minggu. Sekarang Oktober baru mau 2 minggu..

Total 3 bulan yak.. Alhamdulillah. Sekarang kita udah jadi lebih kompak gitu. Gak kaya waktu honeymoon atau pas januari kemaren. Sama-sama belom ngerti satu sama lain..


Dulu aku nyebelin, terus kamu ngambek mulu. Lama banget ngambeknya. Sekarang kamu kalo ngambek cuma bentar doang.
Kita udah ngerti masing-masing kaya gimana.. maunya gimana.. 

Hmm.. *mengiyakan dalam hati sambil flashback ngambek2 yg dulu dulu*


Di seberang cafe ada lapangan tenis. Anak kecil lagi lawan main tenis sama orang dewasa.

Dari dalam cafe

Eh jago banget tu anak main tenisnya, di tangkis terus

Ha? emang iya? *merhatiin tapi gak gitu interest*

Tu, aku maunya kalo punya anak udah bisa masukin ke ekskul gitu. Kasian kalo kitanya masih struggling

*tumbenan dia ngomongin anak, sebelumnya mana pernah*
Ekskul? Lah di sekolah bukannya ada? klub atau les gitu maksudnya?

Iya, kaya si **** tu anak-anaknya dimasukin klub bola disini, jadinya kan seru..

Hoo.. Enak yah 
*oo gitu toh pemikiran dia*

Kaya apa yak gedein anak di Jakarta? Haha, gak kebayang deh..

Iya sih, hehe.. kayanya tuhh.. ya gimana yaa..

Aku pengennya punya anak ga di Indonesia tapi culture nya masih Indonesia.. Untungnya disini masih bisa kaya gitu..

*wah masih ada jiwa nasionalis juga dia*
Iya bisalah, kan disini banyak orang indonesia, banyak orang-orang mesjid juga..

..pembicaraan terus berlangsung..

Hopefully all of the angels would say aamiin towards our conversation, and our wishes will come true sooner or later. 

Time went really fast.
Its been a year since the day that you said "ijab kabul"
When two become one.

Happy 1st wed anniversary, my bebi faz..
Love you always & forever, InsyaAllah


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lentil As Anything

Going to Lentil. A restaurant/food place which provides food for donation.
Veggie food. Halal. Buffet. 
Seriously, it has a unique interior concept and a cool place as well!
This is my very first time while my hubby usually go there..

Sowwyy! I forgot to take a pic of the food hehe..

pay as you feel..

for further info you may visit


Thursday, October 20, 2011

double date

On last Sunday , i accompany hubby filming prewed video for the groom-bride to be, whom also one of his good friend.
First location is at Williamstown.
 Well, actually i was sick, i got influenza, and that day the wind is totally totally totally made me freeze, keep sneezing and definitely running nose! And my mood turns bad, during the filming i just focus on myself, how to struggle on that kind of weather with my weak body. Okee lebaay!
Sorry ya juned dan kania, kalo gue jutek hahaaa..

Ohh finally! we got in to a coffee shop which is very waaarrrmmm...


Second locations is at Parliament, City

Mereka syuting. Gue? bodo amat deh! gue kedinginaaaan! huahh..

 Maksud hati pose (sok) keren yaaa! tapi kenapa jadi gaya gue ngengkang-ngengkang gitu dehh..


Love between gadgets

hey, i love this snake-skin shoes. 
You can differentiate between my skin and the snake-skin aight? YA KAN??

Third location is gravity lane, city

So here they are the upcoming groom and bride, Juned & Kania. They will held their wedding at Sydney in this month.

OMAGAH! Look at what my hubby actually did!
*that thing is a monopod that he uses for filming*
well you can do it at home with your wife/hubby ya..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back In Melbourne

Alhamdulillah back in Melbourne!
Flew on wednesday night, with an hour delay departure, i finally arrived here on Thursday noon. 
Quite tired but happy to see my hubby pick me up in airport.
The weather here is good than before i went here on July, that was winter which is frickin cold, made me freeze.. and now is entering spring *if im not mistaken*

Maybe some of you wondering why am I keep going Jkt-Melbourne, bolak balik Jkt-Mel for three times in a year, that is pretty expensive right! You may think, what is she doing.. come and leave just like Jkt-Bdg! Haha, FYI, my hubby and I are not that wealthy tho. Seriously, but if you think so, yeah im gonnay say Aamin Ya Alloh ;)
Here im gonna explain.. I dont live in Melby for now because i have to finish my study in Bandung in fact i dont have any probs with immigration like others couple do *oh yeah call me so lame, so late, so lazy to finish my study*
I came here on January-February 2011 for honeymoon, staying a month for spending my holiday..
Then i went back here again on July for PR (permanent residence) things. I stayed 2 weeks to apply Permanent Residence together with my hubby. at that time we started to live economical, that was quite tough time for us, because we had to pay the agent, the fee of bureaucracy and etc. 
My hubby even sold his car to pay my flight tix. We rarely eating out like we often do in January.. yah Alhamdulillah we got thru those tough times together. Somehow we could more feel the love of 'us' in a hard time than the fun one.

And now.. me get back in Melby in October for immigration thingy. I got visa from Aussie only for three months since July, soooo... i have no choice! I have to go back here before Oct 15, otherwise i'll be illegal imigrants in Indonesia and definitely cant go back to Melby. Fiuh My hubby really works so hard to pay me the ticket.. and i have to leave my thesis again for a while.. huahhh.. hopefully this is the baroqah way for us!

So i kinda feel uncomfortable meeting people here (fyi, disini gue juga ketemu banyak orang indonesia, pertemanan faz, ada pengajian juga) because they'll ask me whether staying for good or go back Jkt again. Huhu. They might think "buset, bolak balik aja ni orang, kapan selesai kuliahnya". Hehe, hopefully its just my thought.

All i can say now is Alhamdulillah, just be thankful and be grateful for meeting again with my hubby. To meet him for the third time in this beautiful city is such a bliss! All of this happens because of Alloh.. ;)

well anywaaaaayy, thank you guys for being such a best reader! Thank you for your feedback on my first make up tutorial, hope you guys like it and insyaAllah i'll make the second video in here.. just wait and see ya!

Melby people would say : Hey! what's so cool take a picture in Coles????
Hahahaha... Its like take a pic at Carrefour in Indonesia.. LOL!
No, i just asked my hubby to take pic of my wole outfit, but he let the COLES in frame..
yeahh.. its ok tho..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kara Makeup Tutorial : Simple Look

Fuuhh finally i've made this first make up tutorial.
I've been arranged to make it but have no time to do it..
This is my very simple daily make up..
Hopefully you'll like it and useful for all of you ;)

btw sorry for the low quality
huks i need my hubby!
ok im ashamed of having that title of graduated from UI Broadcasting but have no skill of editing a video ;p

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kara-caca: silly style

Sisterhood unite part two, "silly style"
the part 1 is "fierce style" one

We're playing on make up at caca's apartment and using her make up tools. 
Playing on her gigantic make-up box which filled with a bunch of eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush on, compact powder and all! You name it!
I'm extremely happy to use her "perangkat lenong" :D

We were having so much fun, and i learned a lot about make up from her skills. 
Caca is so desperately in love with all about bronze and gold stuff! The eyeshadow, the shimmering powders, and all are about those tone!

See?? Its such a real make up store in this box :D
Caca's gigantic make up box
One of earthly paradise for me! *thats too much kara ;p*

Okay thats all girls!

See you, 

Monday, October 3, 2011

we love photo booth!


since i dont know what to write, what to tell. I'll just post some photos. Let me introduce you my college friends (Unpad, Bandung), the one without hijab is Dinda, and the other with hijab is Idha. She is the girl next  (my) door, literally, hehe she's my neighbor at the dorm. So these photos were taken in Idha's room, we did make up in order to shoot a video birthday greeting to my other college friend, Sarah.

Ok, those photos are selected based on my pose and my expression. haha! *selfish*

anyway... i dont know whether is a good news or a self-centered alert.. lalala..
Tadaaa! i've just created a twitter account for this my beloved blog, so hopefully it helps you to be updated about life report *siapeu gue* :p

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