Thursday, December 31, 2009

shopping day with Bogor-ers :)

slept in the morning, woke up at 10 am. woke up by sarah's call.. a sign that she and Desin (bundo) was on her way to Lebak bulus from their home (bogor) and time for me to got prepare. but yeah as always, i was late.
I was catching up the busway by haqa's motorcycle (boncengan). i left home at 20 to 12.
and I finally arrived pim at 12.30
i was calling out them but theyg re was no answer. I walked to Zara. and they weren't there. i kept calling them but then I decided to open twitter. and yes there was bundo tweets on the top of my home. it mentioned that she was at mango. okeeeee !

I finally met them there (mango) dealing with the sale clothes. haha whatso ladies!
and after that we met dindaa, and spend time together in about 7 hours in PIM :p
entering and exiting the store. shopping. sushi tei. heavenly blush :)
too lazy to write the details..
so here are.. pictures tells more

kara dinda desin sarah

while we were sitting in front of a Salon. my eyes stopped at the ladies whom sitting on the chair of the Salon. as i realized who she is, i ran into the Salon and did Jambak / jenggut her short hair which I havent seen it directly. and she spontaneously wanted to be angry but immediately changed "heboh" as she realizes it was me!

yes, she is Dina. my highschool bestie. wiff her niece :)

Im telling you, im a person who cant choose between two options.. either clothes, magazines, etc.
I was confuse about two different clothes in orange. I tried both of them on me, took a picture and uploaded it on twitter. and asked people which one is looks better? and the result was seri. 3 sama !
ok then after went around pim and think twice about it, i decided to bought both of them. so here are the temptation.. my guilty pleasure :)

both of them costs 137 IDR only :)
alhamdulillah semoga baroqah

btw I've had experiencing the miracle or the impacts of doing istighfar 1000times.. found Rp 50.000 in my pocket bag! i know its mine, but I forgot that I put in it.
alhamdulillahhh :)

oiyaa I met caca (marshanda) at the pim 2, she realized me. and i was kinda nervous when cipika-cipiki with her *sigh -__-

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a small reunion and the lucky J's story :p

Hi folks (caelah!)
today was great and fun !
I slept at 5am and woke up at 12 o clock, then I took a bath and went to Independent Bank with my parents in order to have a new ATM card.
and it didnt take so long, and yeay Ive got my new instant ATM :)
after that i went straight to sency. I was afraid that they had waited for me so long.. and yes I was the one who came first. hoho! feels good cause ive been known by my friends that im "ngaret" person :p

Horee finally meet my old friends kafi, viona, ajeng, azel, dinda.
the route was foodcourt - sushitei (OMG! 2 ronde) - PS (Mango)- back to sency - (bia just came in the end) - finish!

there's an interesting story, when viona asked us to accompany her to Mango PS in order to find her dream-discount-shoes. As we entered the Mango store, the shoes were disorganized on the desk (yeah soo market treat when the discount held) and viona found her dream shoes (a platform to be exact) and she tried it. At the same time, Ajeng (a.k.a Jengkoy/ J ) found an animal print boots "Lucu banget" she said. and as I seen it, I agree. oh so boots I've been searching for. and J yelled "Haa 400rbu! 36 pula" (the size).
wow! cool.. yeah FYI me, viona and J have the same shoe size :36! it sometimes give us some advantages, like J has experienced. its a 36 shoe size left on display..
And you know what?? the previous price was 900.000 IDR and got less again into 499 IDR and it turns out 399 IDR at last !
wow again ! J kept asking me "tell me, apa yang bikin engga (utk beli) ??"
I answered "ya ga ada, udah Mango, berkurang 2 kali. dan ya lo taulah J, itu ukuran 36 kita banget. minta dibeli banget. udah jarang kan yg ukuran 36" and as she was thinking about it there was Ibu2 came and ask about it shoes. The Ibu2 asked the 39 size to the store-keeper.
and J was a bit worry about the shoes. hihi. it makes her being competitive. and as the store-keeper asked J "Ini mau diambil mba?"
J answered : "IYA!" but after that her mimics shown a doubt! haha.. she end up herself  in front of the cashier and suddenly she yelled to azel "Zel ada Bank Mega ga?"
azel : "Kenapa?" she came to J and gave the card (FYI azel whom has so many credit card, either HSBC or Mega Bank, hihi)
and you know what.. the discount turn out 10% again! oh wow.. and finally the price of the boots is 360 IDR !
grrr I envy her about her luckyness! we all know that J always have a lucky about anythings related to money and some surprisingly advantages! envy envy envy..
and after that she kept feels like "unbelievable" and so grinning, while viona kinda disappointed because her dream shoes size is not available. hihi..

you guys must be curious of how does it the boots look? here I found the shoes pic

wohooo congrats to J. she finally has a MANGO BOOTS with affordable price she paid. :)
I asked J to write down her experience about this in blog or anything instead of telling it to others. I mean its kinda "prestasi". ya kan?
But I feel like wanna write it down in my own blog. hihi *gatel sendiri!
anyway this is what I wore today..

a jhoddpurr which I bought in Bandung and so the shoes :)


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full of Affection Day :)

hello there.. so happy to know that so many responses I got from my previous posts. especially from my besties and also my old chairmate (first grade in 78) Nadya Arvie who told me the correction of Tsunami. Just realized that Tsunami happenned in 2004 instead of 2005 like i wrote. I mean, 2005 is the year when my mom passed away..

Oiya, im happy to see my sitecounter has been increasing. hehe its because of the promotion ive been doing either on twitter or YM. yes you guys are trapped in my blog! hopefully you'll enjoy my -not-in-a-good-structure-writing and my bad english! hahaha.. yeah i have to force my self to do it >> think twice before write down what i want to write in english :p like my old chairmate Nadya said that her english writing on her blog was "inggris berani mati!" haha but I dont think soo... she got so many vocabularies and has a good grammar. hehe seriously loh nad. I adore your proper english grammar  :)

nd you know what, the more i have a lot visitor the confuse i feel. hehe. confused about, what am I going to write down now? hehe. but i try to be just me..
anyway.. monday!
I went to Dharmais hospital in order to have my breasts USG, as the doctor said to me. That I have to take USG after consuled to her, i feel like my right breast is hard and "nyut2"an..
i arrived there at 12 o clock then had to wait the doctor til 1 pm they said.. but i waited till 2.30 pm. gosh there were so many people queued up for USG, and they keep complained for been waiting so long..and so my dad kept complaining and kept asking the nurse..
and finally i entered the usg room right after took dhuhur pray..
the doctor was whom i had usg with a year ago..
she started to put the gel on my breasts and browsed on it, and she kept browsed it till she ask my usg result a year ago. and she still brwosed it while wondering why my right breast is so solid / hard.
she said that maybe my breast is such a solid type, but she said its OK.
"Maybe u should get married soon, having a baby and do breastfeeding" the doctor said
"so that the breast could loose-down and your hormonal will get stable"

as I exited USG room, my dad teased me "Kawin nih yee.." hahaha he always tease me like that.. since im getting serious with faz.. :) hope u dont mind Pa..
after had a lunch in foodcourt then we went home.Oiya, I still have to take the usg result tomorrow and make an appointment with my previous doctor in order to consule it. so i have to get back there again.

Maybe im not a child who as cheerful as I'm in my peer-group. I am a quiet child in my family, and tend to lazy to speak up I guess. dunno why. but as im mingling with my peer group i could be a different kara, who always bawel, cheerful and so on. again, dunno why. hehe.
but overall, ive always happy to spend my time with My dad n My step mom though I've been just kept silent and no matter where will our destination. but I love that. Alhamdulillah, fortunately i feel their affection, their love to me, by caring me and accompanying me to check up :) love you all.
where's my brother? yeah he was still sleeping in his bed. he slept in the morning, due to still awake in the middle of night.. so he wont accompany me in morning activities..

In the evening we went to eyang and my aunty's house. been so long havent met them..
there was a jam, so we spent more than an hour on the road.. in fact we could reach eyang's house for 45 minutes only. but the benefit was we (four of us) had a conversation which rarely to have..

and finally we arrived and met eyang.. I know she missed me. So did I sihh.. she gave me a warm hug.. as I said before, though im a queit person, but i forced myself to have a lil chitchat with eyang.. so that i had to refused my bebi's call. sorry my dodol :p

Oiya! as I met my aunty Tuti, she said "Eh mbak Kara, baru buka twit2nya mbak kara, Duren gimana Duren?" while I gave kiss on her cheek. and what did I do? I just smile and "melengos"
Hhahaha.. ohh i feel ashamed!
grr I thought she just known my FB thingy, but as her-14 years old-daughter (who's my cousin) started to follow my twitter, I think she's going to stalk me and yeahh now i dont have any private space (karafaz's space to show their love, to be exact :p)
but It's OK lah. now I know, I have to tweet carefully :p
for all of you who havent idea about Duren.. here are my tweets yesterday this and this. yeah it was one of our weird conversation I had with bebih my dodol :p

Ok back to the topic, then I had a lil chat with my eyang. she said im slimmer. and I answered that I often to eat in Bandung. hihi. then we talked about cooking thingy.. I told her that ive ever cooked fried rice with terasi in it and she said I dont have to put it. then she mentioned her fried rice receipt and challenged me to prove it.
Oke eyang! I owe you to stay for a nite with you :) i'll make it soon insyaA.
happy to met her again. kinda missing her so much. feel as comfy as I'm with my passed away mom :)

My lovely Eyang and Aunty Tuti
aunty Tuti has a similar face with my Mom!

I've got everything ! Warm (Small and Big) Family, Besties, Boyfie and soon to be husband and also his warm family. Alhamdulillah, Thankyou Allah :)

The key of happiness is be Thankful, soAllah will give us more happiness than ever !
Couldn't ask for more

Good morning All! Gosh its 15 minutes to 4 o clock! i need a bunch time to write down this post! hihi.

Thanks readers and followers,
Love you all

* I havent sleep yet, whereas im gonna meet my brodkes besties today! oh! wait for my story ya

Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy birthday Nadira Kurnely :)

what a great day..
coming to one of my bestie's house.. it was Dira's Birthday! and she's always invite us to have lunch in her house. i think ive been coming to her house 3 years in a row. and others hers birthday invitation in a different place.
I still remember, i came to her birthday lunch at Tamani Kemang with her big yet warm family in it. and it was the day when the Tsunami in Aceh had happenned. wow..

oh yaa ! and she ever invited us to have a dinner with her family in poke sushi, crown hotel. wow it was my very first time been there and ate poke sushi. soo deliciousooo.. !! :)

and a year after that she invited us to come to her house.. ohh wait apparently i still have the pictures of her each birthday.. lets check it out..

this pic taken on 26 december 2004 *if im not mistaken
yes the day when the Tsunami happened.

i have no idea about where she celebrated her bday on 2006. did she invite mo to her bday? coz i dont remember at all.
ok just skip it!

this pic taken at poke sushi crown hotel on december 07 :)

and this is her birthday, a year ago..

lovely ! isn't it? :)

and yeay its her latest bday pic :) moi took this pic so she's not in frame :p

but wait.. dont you realize? that im the one who always came to your birthday dir? :) ohh sounds soo sweet !
i came to ur each birthday celebration.. but i really dont know about your bday on 2006..

actually, who is she? let me explain. her full name is Nadira Kurnely. We were in the same elementary school (SD Bhakti) but not that really close back then. Entering Junior High School (SMP 75), we were in the same school as well and in a same peer group called SuperStar *hihi soo junior high skul!. And.. it happenned again in Senior High Skul (SMA 78).. and yes, again.. we've been in a peer group called Strawbelicious *not even sounds better from the previous one, haha! oiya! and we were a class mate and even been a CHAIRMATE at last ! we were in 3-C IPS. had so much moment with her and other friends :)

       in canteen                                        at gyanda's 17th bday party

and we've separated when she decided to move to Unpad and me in UI.
huhu.. this post reminds me of those unforgetable moments, with dira and the strawbz as well :)

superstar with our "uniform" LOL

      Strawbs at madol time with our genuine uniform :p     
love you so muchoo girls :(
miss you all

Friday, December 25, 2009

hello Jakarta and the trinket (tetek bengek) ?

im home already.. in Jakarta to be exact !
but as i arrived home last nite, i feel like.. "ohh god, this house is still the same.." so do the people inside.. they're always shouting my brother to get pray.. if it doesnt work, they shouted me to ask my brother to do that one.. zzz.. i dont miss that situation anyway.. i miss my small cubical room called kamar kosan instead..

today i was sooo bored. i woke up at 1 o'clock due to just got slept at 3 am.
then i was wondering what am I going to do today.. besides dealing with the bank in order to get my new ATM card, but it wasnt happen. just because i was just too late to come to the bank, the bank was about to close in 02.30 pm.
maybe its kinda weird to be bored at ur own home, but i did feel that :(

oiya, one thing that made me so curious to come home is to give a jacket to my brother.
i bought the same jacket with dinda has, i bought the black one while dinda has the red one.
the jacket is cool because it is designed for motorcycle rider i guess. and i think my brother doesnt have one besides an ordinary jumper which just can cover a body without any others function.

I gave it to my brother as I entered to my room, yeah he was in my room
"Nih Qa!"
"apaan nih?" he took a look for a while then he stares the laptop screen again
"ihh bukaaa!"
"apa nih?" ihh asiiikkk.. ajkh mba! ihh kereen.. ih asik dahh..." then he fitted it..
"ihh asikk.. bisa buat gaya juga kan yaa.. " then he act like a vocalist
"apaan sih org itu buat motor kalii.. kalo buat gaya mah beda lagii.."
"tp bisa jg tau.. ih keren jg mba pilihan lo.. asik yak! pdhal cuma distro doang, buatan indonesia.. bisa juga bikin ky gini.." "Bandung sih yaa.. enak, macem2"
and others comment that came out from him.. hehe overall, im happy when he loves it!
though im a stingy sister as he ever shouted to me :( but hey i know how to please someone that i love..
i'd love to give surprise to my people surround..
i admit that im a stingy person when people ask me to do a favor but sometime i could be a nice lady when i want to please others without any demand..

ohya i stalked his twitter on my tweetdeck, instead of follow him.. ust search his name on twitter i could stalk him, i may know what his tweets.. and after i gave the jacket to him.. he tweets:
asiiik. dbeliin jaket oleh kakak tercinta. i love you, kar'
haha, happy but err a bit kurang ajar dia! mention my name without 'mba

anyway.. after all those bored feeling.. i finally went out to sushi naga in order to meet my girls.. my junior high school mate to be exact.
though i've waited for 30 minutes without any pulsa in my phone.. and a bit get bad mood at that time but eventually they came.. and get the conversation started..
J told her story being a fashion designer assistant, how she treat J such an ass, haha..
and as the conversation flew.. ive just realized that we're getting older, our topic is getting heavy.. its about a job, our passion not about campus thingy yet..
and im still the same, dealing with campus thingy while my friends dealing with their jobs, their new activities beside campus routinity.. hmm but i love being their motivator, tell them whats on my mind from my perspective..
i think me and pudi both same, instead of moi, J and aya who have tasted how job is like..

in the end.. im wondering.. what is my passion about? what is my dream job? what i want to be later on?
hmm still figure it out i guess..
what i know is..
i love to consule others
i love to be and to do make-up
i love to read magazine
i love to... organize something that i like..
and you know what.. due to like to organize sumthin or maybe its just because i love behind the scene of radio station.. my mankom friends declared me as a producer (again? ohh ive been a producer since my d3 brodkes guys!) they choosen me bcoz they think im a "broadcast fresh graduate". yes, my others 2006 friends are came from advertising mostly, and my others brodkes friends were came from different years.. means theyre older from me :p
anyway.. one thing ive realized that im still in love with radio station thingy although i dont have any good taste of music. but i love to organize, to create a concept of a program , to create a uniqe name of the program.. and so on :)

so what about you??

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mom's day

hari Ibu..
watching trans7, bukan empat mata..
starring ruben onsu who has her mom passed away.. he's crying out loud her mom..
so do I.. i exactly know how does he feel..
feels like you're just different from common people..

ada melly Goeslaw yang didatengin ibunya..
mau dongg di datengin ibukuu..
zzz since faz has come to my life, i tend to forget about herr..
nd when i remember bout her.. the tears are fallin from eyes

I love you Mah
*sentence which ive never said to her straightly

Monday, December 21, 2009

nuker batik = so much fun !

jadi begini ceritanya..
kira-kira itu tanggal 10 oktober..
faz had bought a brown batik for our engagement day tapii ternyataa salah ukuran.. jadinya harus nuker di keris batik pim 2. hari itu hari jumat, gw dan faz puasa syawal wkt itu..
dan berencana buka puasa bareng sekalian mo tuker batinya faz..
faz jemput gw bareng deycil, lalu meluncur ke pim langsung maghrib pas sampe sana..
dan pada saat itu faz lagi seneng sama SUMPIT, jadinya ikutan aja dehh.. sampe yg mesenin makanan buat gw adalah dia saking gw lama banget milih menu. haha. tp yang pasti gw pesen teh tarik, dia pesen ice green tea..

my goyy :)

another his sleborness, lagi minum, keselek, muncratt!
udah biasa deh diginiin :p

model batik yg ukurannya mo dituker ga ada, alhasil harus nyoba batik laen yang pas ukurannyaa
bagusan yang mana antara,

yang atas ato yang bawah ini?

pas preview kedua foto diatas, kita bertinga ngakak seada-adanya! kenapa ekspresinya faz bisa beda gituu?? dan pasti jawabannya udah terlihat dr ekspresi faz.. ya bagus batik yang biru lahh. secara dr ekspresi udha keliatan banget! hahaha
beneran loh di batik keris yang sepi itu kita ngakak betiga.. gw and deycil kebelet pipis.. sampe pengen keluar. faz ketawa kaya bapak2.. hahaa

bebi ada2 ajaa! pake ngambil blankon disitu

online, online.. online, online!

hahhh alhamdulillaahhh :)
it was one of my great day with him..
actualyy never had a bad one whenver arounds him

jadi kangeeen..

after all my sotoyness and stupidness in my previous posts, di hari yang sama aku dijemput dinda untuk bertemu teman-teman lamaku pada saat produksi di BC dulu.. Dika dan Agung..
lalu kita makan di cabe rawit..
dan mengobrol disana bersama teman dika lainnya.. yah walaupun ga begitu ngeblend.. lumayanlah
abis dr cabe rawit, kita ke kosan dinda.. lantaran si dika agung ga dapet travel ke jkt. semua full. akhirnya dipututskan mereka satu hari lagi di Bandung, dengan niat tidur di kosan dinda yang kamarnya pada banyak yang kosong.

akhirnya tadi kita ngobrol2 di kosan sambil nonton tv.. sampe malem.. akhirnya gw balik ke kosan dianter dinda..
eh alhamdulillah dika dan agung dapet kamar sebelah dinda, dapet kasur dua. bsia tidur deh mereka,hehe.

eh pagi2 tadi si bebi tiba2 nelpon, eh taunya dia nanyain soal jaket kulit yang dia janjiin mo beli buat gw. dan mo dititipin ke temennya yang mo balik ke jakarta..
hehe baik banget bebiii.. huhu.. aku dibeliin jaket kulit yang lagi ngetrend itu :))
eh jadinya dibeliin jaket merah katanya.. soalnya yang laen ga ada sizenya, L semua..
apa aja deh bebiii, pokonya aku percaya selera kamuuu.. ehhehe
trs dalam wkt 3 menit itu, gw sdikit crita ttg kebodohan gw dan dia cuma bisa ketawa2.. seneng banget dehhh denger ketawanyaa..
apalagi kalo dia ngikutin nada ngmg gw yang naek turun. hihih
huuhu kangen bebiiii.. eh malemnya ditelpon lagi sama bebi, dia cerita seharian ngapain ajahh.. trus dia pamer kalo abis beli kado digital frame buat mam yang ultah kemaren..
K : "Iya itu maksudnya gimana sih beb digital frame?" karna sebelumnya he mentioned it on twitter
F: yaampuunn.. gitu aja masa gatauu... ya framenya digital
K: (digital? digital tuh apa sih? ko gw ga ngebayang.. jam?) "lah trus ntar nyelipin fotonya gimana?"
K: "ehhh oiyaaa digital yaaa... dr komputer yaa..haha pantesan tadi kmu bilang lg masukin fotonya ke framenya.. HAHHAHAH"
huhu enak banget ketawanyaa.. renyah! kresyy kresyy kresyy. crispy!
bergantian ketawa.. gw ngetawain kebodohan gw dan mmungkin dia ngetawain kok ni calon istri gw cantik tapi suka o'on ya.. gtu ya beb?

lagi telponan gw sibuk buka botol minum lock&lock gw yang ko tummbenan susah dibuka..
K : beb, buka botol tuh ke kanan apa ke kiri sih?
F : (dengan nada wise) ya ke kanan lah, kalo buka tuh pokoknya searah jarum jam.. kalo nutup kebalikannya..
K: ooh emang iya? duh susah banget nihh..
ngobrol panjaaaang.. sambil gw terus berusaha muter tutup botol orange gw itu ke kanan.. ihhh ko makin kenceng dah..
K: ihh bebii kayanya kamu salah deh.. bukan ke kanan.. kok ini makin kenceng sihh..
F: ... HAHHAHA... oiya deng HAHHA
K : ih bebi mahh.. sotooyyy... udah wise2 gtuu
F : oiya deng itu kan berlaku cuma buat mur.. hahah
K: hadeuuuhhh...

love you my sotoy boy..
- your cutie dumber girl

Sunday, December 20, 2009

niat saja belum cukup..

sudah dua hari ini gw bangun pagi.. sekitar jam 7 dan jam 8.
enak sih, pas tidurnya. semalem jam stgh 12 udah ngantuk dan tidur..
gw tau hari minggu ini akan ada ngaji di mesjid dago asri.
gw pasang alarm buat subuh..
ehh kebangun malah jam 7.. tapi gw belom sholat subuh..
kulihat hp ku ada sms dari temen yang ngasitau kalo ada ngaji jam 8 pagi.
"iya udah tau kok, di mesjid dago asri kan" pikirku begitu
ngaji ga yaa..
tp ga ada temen nih, jalan sndiri..
iya deh mandi aja, beberes, solat2..selse setgh 8 lewat..
dan diluar, yang mana depan kosan adalah gw mesjid plus kosan..
suara2 motor udah ribut, banyak suara2 anak muda..
"pasti pada mo brangkat ngaji.. brgkt naek motor bareng2, enak banget. masih jam stgh 8 kok mrk udah brgkt ya.. kan dago asri deket.."

jam 8 kurang gw keluar kosan dan berjalan kaki menyusuri jalan dago pojok menuju jalan raya.
hap! aku naek angkot.. menunggu sebentar angkot yang ngetem dan.. jalan..
tak lama sudah sampai di depan gang dago asri..
okeh. saya bersiap untuk jalan kaki menyusuri komplek tersebut, yang mana mesjid yang gw tuju agak jauh dari gapura komplek.
berjalan kaki.. ga jauh juga..
hanya membutuhkan waktu sekitar 10 menit..
sampailah di depan mesjid...
kok sepi ya, ga ada banyak motor yang parkir..
kok ga ada banyak orang diluar..
kok yang ada malah tetangga sekitar situ yang terlihat bermain2 dengan anaknya..
ohh aku semakin berjalan ke mendekati mesjid semakin merasa ada yang salah.
kok ga ada suara orang ceramah ya?
kokkkkkk... ga banyak sendall..
dann yang pasti mesjid itu KOSONG!
aku berdiri dekat seorang ibu2 berjilbab,
aku seperti biasa gengsi, kikuk.. ga mo ketauan kalo salah mesjid. saya sok2 ambil hp dr tas dan puter balik badan.. *karena jalannya buntu! makin malu ga tuh..
pasti ibu2 itu mikir gw aneh..

aku berjalan sangat pelan..
mengapa aku begitu bodoh..
sambil kuliaht sms temanku yang pagi tadi..
AHHH! aku baru sadar kalo dia tidak mencantumkan dimana mesjidnya..
lalu ku balas smsnya "ngajinya dimana?"
lama tak dibalas.. aku hampir berjalan sampai di depan gapura komplek itu lagi..
sampe dia bales "di bandung utara deket rs sadikin"
goshhhh! udha gw duga pasti mesjidnya jauhhh dari dago..
niatku yang sudah kukumpulkan dari tadi pagi tiba-tiba buyar. ya Allah kenapa gini? tanyaku dalam hati.
lalu aku berbalas pesan dgn temanku itu, dia minta maaf karena lupa tidak menyertai dimana mesjidnya.
sebenernya itu tidak berpengaruh banyak, karena mesjid dagas sudah tertanam dalam pikiranku dari sebelum menerima sms darinya pagi tadi.
akhirnya aku memutuskan unutk kembali ke kosan, padahal temanku itu udah berusaha nunjukin gimana caranya kesana dan berniat untuk menjemputku di daerah dekat sana. tapi aku sudah mengarah ke dago pojok, ke kosanku.
yahh entahlah aku sudah kehilangan semangat, lagipula sudah terlambat juga.. insyaA next time pikirku..
semoga engkau menerima niatku yang sudah ku tata sedemikian rupa agar murni karenaMu ya Allah.

ahh banyak sekali hikmah yang bisa kupetik dari kejadian ini..

selain niat yang bulat ternyata juga dibutuhkan informasi yang jelas. bukan sekedar asumsi saja.
satu kagi, be assertive kara!
harusnya kamu bisa bertanya kepada ibu2 yang di deket mesjid tadi mengenai ngaji.. bukannya malah berbalik arah langsung pulang.. saking gengsinya, malu, tidak mau terlihat bodoh di depan orang, dll.

oke kara?


Saturday, December 19, 2009


ive been waiting for ur latest posts..
there's no explanation bout your daily activities, your feeling, etc.
you asked me to comment on yours but you dont give me one.
i ask u to write down about your day, everyday..
but you dont do it.
now i have no idea about you..
but u know about me, i guess..

so why do i have to write details my own.. ?

if you do that to me, so do I..
i wont blogging about me again..
so it would be fair for us

nb: it wont spend much time to write it down, dear

judulnya apa ya? campur-campur

maybe today wasn't one of my best day.. but i feel great today..
berawal dari gw paksain solat malem, padahal udah ngantuk banget. tp mengingat semalem adalah malem taun baru 1 muharram, i think it was a great beginning to be a better person in religious side.
and i slept at 3am. begonyaaa.. bangunnya tetep aja kelewatan subuh! huhu..
kebiasaan deh, kalo abis slt malem malah yang wajibnya ga kebangun. padahal udah minta bebi banguniin..
dan weker jg udah di nyalain..
padahal gw udah sengaja tuh ga pipis sebelum tidur, biar terpaksa bangun gara2 kebelet pipis..
ternyataaa... setan gw maha dahsyat drpd hasrat mengeluarkan air seni!
dan yang anehnyaa.. gw tidur malah ngimpiin lagi bareng keluarganya faz.. ada kak ben, si tante emam.. mungkin gw mimpi klrgnya karna, sebelum tidur gw abis ngucapin maknya faz kali ya! yes it was her birthday...
alhamdulillah ini udah kedua kalinya gw ngucapin ultah ke dia.. means, taun lalu gw ngucapin karna udah pacaran sama faz.. dan ga kerasa.. alhamdulillah, setaun berikutnyaa.. gw masih dengan Faz meskipun gw di kota yang berbeda. tapi tetep alhamdulillahnya sekarang gw udah di Bandung, melanjutkan pendidikan gw di S1 FIkom unpad. ihh who knows banget deh!
padahal ya kalo boleh crita dikit.. taun lalu tuh pas malam menjelang ultahnya maknya Faz, gw tuh lagi begadnagan ngerjain uas radio, yg mana mengharuskan gw berkutat dengan cool edit, edit2 suara. belom lagi ada masalah teknis. gw ga tidur sama sekali! begadang.. sampe2 faz di kantor pun gw masih aja berkutat dengan cool edit, trs gw marah2 gara2 suara dia yang udah dia rekam dan kirim ke gw, ga bisa dibuka dll.
huaaaaaa... gila banget dehhh.. belom lagiii ternyata gw telat ngumpulin, lantaran gw telat berangkat.
alhasil harus ngejar dosen gw ke kampus laen.
ih gila gila. gila banget deh kalo diinget2..
dan siapa yang sangka, kalo setaun kemudian, di jam yang sama..
gw masih hidup, leha2 di kamar kosan, bukan di kota Jakarta.. dan yg paling penting bisa nerusin kuliah gw.
ih alhamdulillah ya Allah.. bersyukur banget kalo dipikir2, padahal kalo boleh diliat2 sih unpad menyedihkan dr segala SEGI. yap. dari gedung, birokrasi, koordinasi, jadwal, dosen. aaah jauh banget dr UI.
tapi dibalik itu semua gw sangat bersyukur kalo ternyata sekarnag gw tuh lagi mengejar mimpi gw. lagi in process membahagiakan orangtua gw. :)

Nahh.. ngomong gw loncat2 kan? ga terstruktur kan?
bodo amat.
blog blog gw.
hidup, hidup gw.
tulisan, tulisan gw. hehehe..

eh balik lagi yaaa.. yang tadi gw bilang gw mimpi lagi mingling sama keluarganya faz, dan seinget gw uth itu ga ada faznya. kayanya gara2 semalemnya tuh si tante ngajakin ikut ke Bogor, ya tp kan gw mana bisaa.. orang lg di Bandung.
trus gw jadi mimpi di hotel gtu sama klrg faz, eh ada klrg gw jg deng..
trus di mimpi itu.. gw bolak balik ke toilet kebelet pipis banget. tp ga jadi mulu..
haha.. sampe akhirnya gw sadar kalo itu berdasarkan hasrat ingin membuang pipis gw..
langsung deh ke kamar mandi tanpa gw liat jam..
eh taunyaa jam 11. huaaa.. siang banget!

kegiatan selanjutnya gw sholat jumat tanpa mandi.
abistu makan.
abistu mandi.
sholat ashar.
abistu belanjaaaaa.. ke yomart.
beli sgala macem.. minyak, merica, roti, susu,kecap.. eh masa kecap 2000 dapet gelas. haha..
abis dr yomart yang tau2 gw spend 30ribu aja gtu, gw ke warung sayur..
memberanikan diri sotoy, biar ga terlihat newbie..
haha gw bermasalah banget deh, kenapa yaa segitunya ga mo keliatan bego depan orang. even org yang ga gw kenal sekalipun. hihi.
gw berdiam sejenak memandangi dan menyapu warung tersebut..
oke gw beli bawmer bawput, cabe, terasi, buncis, tempe. uhuuy! smua hanya 5000! :))

jam 5 sore gw cabut ngaji sampe jam 8. gila rame abis orang2 pada ngaji.

pulang dari ngaji, mba tya spupu gw mo numpang ngenet di kamar gw.
okelah. sekalian aja gw beraksi untuk memasak nasgor.
ngupas bawang putih..
bawang merah..
seru juga.. mulai menghayati dan menikmati nih gw..
yang gw ribet adlaah pas gw cincang.. lamaa.. pengen supaya jadi kecil..
okee.. siap dengan minyak..
masukan bawang2 cabe, terasi..dan nasi merah gw.. dan kecap aduk2..
ih tapi terasinya ga kerasa.. tmbahin garem.. juga ga kerasa..
ih udah lama bgt tuh gw bolak balik nyobain..
ah yaudah ah angkat, drpd ntar tmbah ancur.. namanya jg baru nyoba pertama kali..

gw suruh sepupu gw nyobain.. dia cuma nanya, terasinya seberapa?
initnya sih kurang berasa asin..
kata dia "Ya.. lumayan.. enak enak aja.. cuma kurang dikit lg"
yeay! alhamdulilllah :)

ga begitu keliatan sedap yaaa.. tp yang penting sihh ada willingness bagi gw mah.. hehehe..

bebiiii.. tiap hari nulis blog dongg.. huhu.. ntar kamu bisa gila loh ga ada tempat buat diceritain.. hehe.
love you

nb: tadi baca status fb nya si tante emam, ktnya lagi ngumpul di novotel bogor sama klrg kecilnya minus Faz. huhu.. sedih dehh.. sedih jadi sisi mereka, sedih dr sisi Faz juga..
seneng banget kalo ngeliat mereka ngumpul berlima. huaaahh! kangen.

cepetan dong bulan MEI!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

ga jelas..

horeeey, yeayy. my bebifaz has blogging agaain :)
huu its been a year!

ternyata dahsyatnya ngeblog tuh gtu yaa.. orang bisa tau perasaan kita deeply, pdhl kita cuma asal nulis sesuai apa yang kita pikirkan dan rasain.. tp efeknya ke orang lain, dan interpretasi orang yang baca tuh beda-beda. hmm..

harga yang harus dibayar supaya bebi ngeblog lagi cukup mahal, hehe..
yah semogaa baroqah dan lancar ke depannyaa.. amiin.

anyway! today is 1 muharram already.. ya kan ya?
soo we'd better do our new resolution to be a better person in everyway..

hari iniiii.. hari iniii..
just like my another PMS day.. driven by my swings mood..
and ate a lot

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

gedebage time !

walopun tidur abis subuhh karena ceting sama bebii, tp tidak menghalangi gw untuk pergi ke gedebage bersama anak2..
tidur jam 5, ditelpon2in jam 9.. huwaaa. okeh saya rela meninggalkan kasur saya yang udah ngejeblog itu!
langsung mandi while anak2 lagi pada sarapan soto depan kampus.
lalu saya pun menyusul, dann memesan soto khas madura tersebut. nyamm enakkk..

berhubung motor nya cuma sedikit, gw dan sarah naek angkot bedua doang..
dikasih tau ei naek kalapa dago trus nyambung lagi..
trs gw mikirnya lah yang pink kan.. dago ke geedebage..
eh taunya si sarah ngikutin saran ei..
dan gw pun LAGI-LAGI ga asertif. gw pikirr.. bakal ada jalan yang lebih deket ke gedebage..
kalapa dago.. lamaaaa, sampe did aerah mana gw gatau..
gedebage - ST. Hall.. ini lebih lama lagii ! udah mulai ngeseliiinnn...
ehhh taunya pas sampe gedebage pun nyampenya di depan, jadi harus jalan dulu ke dalemnya..
AAAAAAAAAA! padahal naek yg pink kan lebih cepet dan langsung turun di pasarnyaa...
salah gw, gw kasihtau sarah lebih ditel dan ga ngotot ke sarah naek yang pink ajaa.

trus ei cuma minta2 maaf. AAAHHHH lebih bete lagi ternyata dia gtau kalo ada dago-gedebage!
gw jadi marah2 juga deh tuh ke bebiii..
sampe ga jelas gw marahnya ke dia apa..
sampe dia nelpon, gw udah di gedebage, dia udha minta maaf udah ngerayu tp gw cuma
"he eh"
"ah tau ahh.."
"ihh udah yaaa."

bebi : bebi kenapa sih?
akhirnya gw ceritain yg kesel gara2 angkot, kenapa gw ga naek angkot pinkkk! sampe gedebage malah ga napsu nyari2 gr2 kelamaan di jalan!
eh si bebi malah ketawa2..

bebi : eh bebi masa waktu itu..
gw: ihh apaan sihhh.. males ahh dengernya.. udah yaa..
bebi : *cekikikan* lucu banget sih lo beb.. ih ntar duluu aku mo critaa...
gw : ihhh udahh.. males dengernyaa... *setengah ngerengek tp agak ktawa jg kok gw aneh bgt
bebi : hahahhaa... ihh kocak banget sih kamu.. iya beb masa waktu itu *malah nerusin cerita si doi
gw : nggghhhh... KLIK! *gw matiin telponnya!

HAHAHHAHA.. asli gondok abiss, bodo ahh gw matiin! orang lagi kesel pengen marah2 , eh dia malah pengen critaaa. ngotot lagihhh... matiin ajah. untung dia ngertiii, hehehe

oiya si dinda ituh nyusul naek motor cuma ngikutin angkot gedebage yg pink. dan kita tuh datengnya samaan sama dinda yg ngikutin angkot pink! ih gimmana ga tambah kesel. huuu

yasudalah yaa.. tp alhamdulillahnya it doesnt bother me in the end. walopun ga tau apa yg gw cari disana, gw ngasal2 ajaa beli bajunyha, iseng. kalo sarah mau beli sstu di satu toko, gw iseng nyari2 dan ikutan beli.. lumayan kan jadi murah dan ga harus nawar *lagi-lagi manja..

in the end gw dapet 3 rok jins, 1 kemeja, 1 outer wear. total 85 rbu saja.
alhamdulillah.. insyaA itu yang dibutuhkan..

alhamdulillah lagi kita pulang naek mobil! karena ada eka yg jemput kitaa, huaaa...
dia sendiri cowo. yang berlima laennya cewe2 semuaa :)
abistu makan di bancakan pada kalap smua dengan gaya gembelnya masing2,
kita masuk kelas dengan gaya yang sama
bauu acemmmm!

but it was one of my fun day since i live in Bandung and mingling with mankom people.

:) :)

Dinda's Birthday (surprise and party)

hari senin kemaren adalah hari ultahnya my bestfriend Dinda Indrianiii..
keribetan sudah dimulai jauh2 hari sebelum hari H,
gw udah ribet bikin thread ke temen2 mankom ngomongin surprise dindaa.. while gw ribet dengan mankom people,
ehh si dinda ngajak ribet dengan ngmgin dia pengen nraktir dimanaa, haha jadi gw dealing with dua kubuu. dan itu agak2 ribet yaa, dan gw orangnya lately jadi yang "yaudalah liat ntar aja", kalo ga kesampean surprisin dinda di kampus ya surprisin di tempat traktiran ajaaa...

keribetan pun dimulai hari senin siang..
dimana gw manja, mau gerak beli kue dan kado, kalo temen gw Sarah yg dr bogor balik ke Bandung.. hehe
sedangkan dia baru sampe sore2 gtuu.. hehe untung dia hayu-an,
yasudah berhubung senin kemaren ga ada dosen, dinda ga ke kampus tuh, dan gw juga ga.
gw dan sarah dan ei langsung ajah menuju ke tempat distro2 nyariin kado buat dinda, gw mencetuskan untuk beli jaket karena gw gemes liat jaekt dinda tipis2 ga guna gtuu. haha. kan anak rotom harus jaketnya yg bener2 tebel bisa menghadang angiiin...
setelah keluar masuk berapa distro tuh yaaa...
15 distro lebih ada kalii.. akhirnya di penghujung jalan kita menemukan jaket yang pas, simple sih, tapi emang berfungsi dan sesuai kebutuhan. warnanya merah..
tanpa berlama2 kita bayar aja, eh alhamdulillahnya itu ternyata diskon 35 %. waaaw.
ternyata distro2 emang lg pada end year sale..
oiya di tengah2 per-huntingan, dinda ngehubungin kita bertiga, dan kita sama2 berbohong. hehe..

dari trunojoyo, kita cabcus ke kartika sari.. beli kue. beli opera biar bisa bagi2 banyak nantinyaa.
akhirnya dapet, tp sayangnya ga ada tempat untuk bungkus kadoo.
eh tp sebelum keluar kartika sari, kita masih sempet2nya beli frozen yoghurt disitu. gw lupa namanyaa. lalala.. hedon di tengah2 ke hectic-an.
abis dr kartika sari kita jalan ke bawah ke celebrate tempat2 baby dan kado..
memutuskan untuk tidak dibungkus kadonya melainkan beli kantong aja,lebih useful.
okehh.dari situ langsung naek taksi cabcuuuuss ke atas, ke walee.

anehnya malah anak2 duluan yg udah nyampe dibanding dinda dan rayap..
mari dipesan-dipesan mie-mie nyaa..
dimakan.. kenyangg...
and the surprise from us is going to be released..
ambil kuee yg dititipin ke mas2 yang disitu..
"Happy Birthday to yooouu.." (nyanyi) yah seperti biasaaa, si dindaaa datarrr, tp sok2 akting lebay seneng. haha!

"Potong kuenyaaa..." giliran masalah potong memotong.. "Sarahh gimana nih motongnyaaa"

Buka kadonyaaa... horee jaket berwarna merah dan langsung dipakee...!
seneng dehhh akhirnya cape2nya gw seharian itu sama sarah dan ei terbayarkan oleh ekspresi dinda yang emang polnya cuma segitu doang alias terbilang datar  -__-
hhahaha... tp yg penting gw tau hatinya pastiii seneng bwaaanggetttt... cuma ga tergambarkan ajaa... :D
yeayy pulang dengan perasaan senang tapi cape,
eh cape tapi seneng
:) :)

Happyy birthday Dindaaa. selamat umur 22 tahunn


Monday, December 14, 2009

my weekend

WIHH ternyata gw udah lama ga ngepost yaa since past friday..
hmm weekend gw, gw lalui bersama sepupu gw yang sekosan tp jarang ketemu itu, tumben?
Ya, karna ada tante gw yang dr Jakarta ke Bandung karna ada kondangan. mereka nginep di Hyatt dan kondangannya pun disana..

seperti biasa gw ketemuan sama sepupu gw di BIP, rumah keduanya dia, instead of our kosan. hehe.
sepupu cewe gw ini emang hobby ke timezone, nge pump, apa sih namanya? pump it up, another version of DDR ya. gw sih pernah dkasitau bedanya tp gw lupa..
*coba gw inget2..
ohh kayanya ktnya kalo Dance Dance Revolution alias DDR tuh cuma 5 arah (buat nginjek2nya) trus nginjeknya juga lebih susah.. kalo ga salah loh, kalo gw ga lupa loh..
nah kalo pump tuh lebih banyak arahnya, dan lebih gmpang nginjeknya.. hmm yaa whatsoever, i dont even interest at all..
tp jangan salah sepupu gw yang bernama Tya ini udah expertnya dalam bidang pump, sampe ikut klub pump wkt di kampungnya Malang sana. dan sering ikut competition gtu dia, haha. kayanya dia pengen menekuni dengan serius tuh hobby nyaa..
anyway, balik lagi ke pas gw ketemuan di BIP. gw kirain tuh hyatt Bandung dmana gtu, mesti naek angkot lg.. eh taunya Hyatt tuh di belakangnya BIP banget yah, hehe.
Masa kondangannyaa tante gw ternyata kawinannya anaknya yg pny Hyatt Bandung. WOW. pantesan, pas gw jalan mo masuk ke hyatt banyak banget dahh bunga2 dr kirimin orang2 yang segede2 gaban ituu..

abis tante dan oom gw kondangan, kita berlima plus eyangnya sodara gw ( bukan eyang gw langsung) ke PVJ, cari makan.. gila ye sabtu2 ke PVJ, iye gambling aja deh bawa eyang2 ke PVJ abis ktnya si eyang ibu sukanya steak2 gtu.
yaudahh, alhamdulillah kita kebagian makan steak juga deh. udah lama ga makan steak :)
abis itu kita balik lagi ke hyatt, dan berencana udah nginep..
taaapiiii teganya oom gw ga mesenin extra bed dehh, huhu. jadi gw dan mbatya masa tidur di sofa. bedua lohh. jadi kita tidurnya duduk sambil kakinya ditaro di kursi yang dipepetin ke sofa.. huaaa, walopun ga pewe gtu tetep aja deh gw bangun paling lamaaa, paling belakangan. hehe

asiknyaa abis bangun langsung breakfast dibawah, hoho.
mamam nasgor, omelette, sosis, pancake, yoghurt, uhh alhamdulillah bangettt :)
abistu check out nemenin eyang ibu ke FO mo beli tas dan baju..
kita ga beli sih tp gw mupeng satu gamis yg lucuuu...
yaudah deh abis itu berpisah karna mereka mo balik ke jkt.
alhamdulillah dapet rejekiii, hehe tau ajaaa :)

#twitt10thn lg

abis baca blog echa yg nyritain hashtag #twitt10thn lg,

i was in loh pas lagi pada heboh #twitt10thnlg di twitter, hari minggu malem..

let me check mine yah..

tomorrow me, my hubby & the kids will going to Sydney in order to have a great holiday. yeayy! (setting: Melbourne) Lalala #Twitt10thnlagi

@sarahsaintika skrg ank lo brp sar? butuh buku2 cara ngedidik anak ni. disini mahal2 gila bukunya. skrg gw udh bsa masak loh #Twitt10thnlagi

 @echaw mo euro trip ya? knp ga australia trip, nengokin gw, suami dan anak2 disinii. msh tgl di bintaro cha?? anak ud brp? #Twitt10thnlagi

@echaw asikk banget!! congrats! yaudah gw tunggu yaa, soalnya gw mo nitip brg2 dr indo. hihi. salam bwt hubby&twinnies :) #Twitt10thnlagi

cant stop smiling and grinning with this #Twitt10thnlagi things! :) :) keep on dreaming n hope it will came true :) 

seems like she loves my make-up do. thank God ive done my job nicely. now accompanying my hubby for the wedding shooting #Twitt10thnlagi

lagi liat-liat foto lamaran jaman baheula. jaman masih gadiss. masih kencengg opone?) miss my big family in Indo :( #Twitt10thnlagi

>> dan pas di bagian ini, temen UI gw yang bernama buluk pun ngereply tweet gw seperti ini : 
@karasanten hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha anjritt mengahayati bgt loe kar!!
my kids speaks english fluently than bisa diajak ngomong bhs. indo, apalagi bhs jawaa ! bebii its ur responsibility ! #Twitt10thnlagi

Dan gw berhenti nge twit kaya gtu setelah putri temen gw bilang ga berani ikutan gara2 takutnya takabur.
lahh beda kan yaa antara takabur sama mimpi ??
tp intinya gw pun ngudahin setelah putri bilang gtuu, hahaha

amiin ya Allah. semoga semua berjalan lancar sesuai rencana ato rencana terbaik dr Mu :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

the other side of me. yes, KARA.

cerita sedikit yaa..
hari kamis kemaren seperti biasa mankom 09 sore mengadakan kocok arisan.. yang mana sang pemenang arisan biasanya sih berkewajiban nraktir SuMur. alias susu murni di DU.
bagi yang gtau susu murni ini bukan toko melainkan susu yang dijual dan diracik dari dalam mobil semacam van. jadi tempat nongkrongnya seadanya gtu deh.
susunya bermacam2 rasa, ada melon, stroberi, anggur, dll. yoghurt jg ada. harga susu per gelasnya 3000 saja.
nah udah tradisi anak kelas gw yang menang arisan traktir di SuMur, sebenernya ga wajib sih. cuma geng hura2 aja yang emang suka kesana. dan yang ikutan kesana ga smua anak kelas. yang doyan jalan2 aja yang ikut kesana. hehe. (geng hura2 = sekumpulan anak mankom yg doyannya wisata belanja, kuliner dll)

Kemaren kebetulan yang menang arisan adalah salah satu anak geng hura2 jad langsung kesana deh. oiya sekedar info, seminggu yang lalu gw yang menang arisan loh. alhamdulillah hehe.

Nah sebelum menuju sumur, gw yang dibonceng dinda minta dianter ke atm mandiri ITHB situ, gw ngambil duit sebesar 300rbu dengan niat gausah ngambil2 lagi sampe libur nanti tgl 23. berhubungan gw ga bawa dompet uang, gw masukin pecahan 50rbu yang berjumlah 6 itu ke dalem dompet kartu2. (gw emang punya dua dompet; dompet uang dan dompet kartu. since gw pernah keilangan dompet yg alhamdulillah kembali ke tangan gw). Alhasil tuh duit gw lipet2 ke dompet, takut kelamaan gw langsung cabcus..

akhirnya sampailah di susu gw memesan susu melon.. trus anak2 mesen martabak keju manis. ihhh enak bangettt! aslii.. gw makan dua aja udah blenek :) duh jadi laper tengah malem gini. hehe.
abis dari susu, kita cabcus ke bebek boromoeus. gw cuma pesen lele, soalnya baru minggu lalu makan bebek ditempat yang sama.
singkat ceritaa gw sampe kosan jam stgh 11an. trs gw tidur jam 1 dan gw yakin gw susah bangun subuh maka gw pasang alarm jam setengah 5
Melek. Jam brapa nih? pasti gw ga subuh deh. ini udah terang. gw liat weker, wah jam 8!
ih kok gw ga kebangun alarm ya, oh mungkin gw segitu capenya kali yaa..
gw antara kesel ga bangun subuh tp juga senneng gw bisa bangun jam 8 yang mana gw jarang sekali bangun pagi!
gw langsung ambil wudhu dan solat.. di rakaat2 terakhir, ada pikiran yang menggangu gw *emang biasanya susah khusyuk sih*
Tiba-tiba.. gw teringat adegan / scene gw tadi malem pas ngambil atm.
gw inget banget pas gw ngelipet2 tuh duit, gw langsung keluar atm... berartii.. hmm..
(lagi attahiyat terakhir nih, semakin ga konsen)
assalamualaikum wr wb, assalamualaikum
dompet kartu gw ada di sebelah gw, gw ambil sambil mengucap basmalah..
ga adaa.. ga adaa..
yang ada cuma duit..
kemana kartu atm gw yang ada foto cantik gw itu dan nama panjang gw yang tertera disituu..
sambil mencari2 dan terus mengingat2
Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun, Allahumma jurni fii musibati waakhlifli khoiron minha..
Hal pertama yang gw lakukan adalah ngetwit dr hp saking paniknya ga sempet buka lappy.
abistu sms bokap gw..
yang ada dalam pikiran gw , jangan2 diambil samma mbak2 yg ngantri setelah gw.
gw inget ada yang ngantri stelah gw.
Kok dia ga teriakin gw sih pas gw jalan ke motor kalo dia liat kartu gw masih ada?
Panik. sisa duit nya lumayan sih.
Oke banyak tweet dr temen2 berdatangan.. dan special tweet dari calon pap mertua yang blg "kok sama kaya anak gw ya.." haha it refers to Faz yang emang terkenal seantero dunia kalo dia teledor, careless dll.
oiya bokap nelpon gw yang bikin gw tenang bahwa ternyata itu bisa aja kemungkinan ditelen atm nya lagi. gw udah suuzan aja bakal diambil orang..

Okeh gw langsung mandi dan menuju TKP gw kemaren.
sampai disana, ya ga adalah! orang itu atm bukan bank. hmm oke gw berpikir untuk ke bip untuk ngurus mandiri gw..
angkot gw lamaaaaaaaaa banget nyampe BIP. masa berangkat jam 10 sampe BIP jam 11 kurang??
pas gw menuju atm mandiri..
lohh? lohh? mana bank mandirinya?? kok cuma atm doang? kok banknya jadi restoran??
di BIP emang ga ada bank mandiri KARA!
anjrit gw sesaat ngerasa bodoh banget deh, maluuu.. sampe ga sanggup ngakuin kebodohan gw di twitter. hehe. gw langsung bergegas naek angkot ke arah balik.. sambil gw celingak celinguk.
eh itu ada bank mandiri! KIRI BANG
pas sampe bank ditanya pak satpamnya yang suaranya lembut nan kecil bgt, dia bilang kalo harus ada buku tabungannya kalo mo bikin kartu dan biasanya kartu atm dikasih ke cabang terdekat.
"lahh emg ini jauh ya dr ITHB" dalam hati gw bergumam
emang yg terdekat dimana ya? tanya gw ke satpam
di gasibu mbak, di telkom.
hadeuhh, itu dmn lagi! mengingat gw gatau bedanya gasibu dan sabuga!
RRr.. langsung aja dehh gw sms sodara gw yang notabene nya masternya jurusan angkot bandung. haha
i got it! berangkaaat ke cikapayang..
sampe disana gtu juga, dibilangnya harus pake buku tabungan. tp gw disuruh ke customer service nya aja.. okelah saya menunggu, dan alhamdulillah bisaa diurus tanpa buku tabungan.. tapi gw harus ngambilnya hari selasa nantii.. gpp deh.
sekarangg tujuan gw adalahh ke kantor BCA.. pgn buka account ahh disana.. biar ngambil atmnya deket dr kosan.
masuklah gw.. dan gw bilang ke CS nya mo buka rekening..
ehh dia jelasin dlu antara tahapan BCA dan TAPLUS BCA..
pas gw liat di layar monitornya,
setoran awal TAHAPAN BCA = 500.000
"Tunggu deh mbak (padahal lebih tepat dipanggil 'Ci sih), itu harus nyetor awal 500.000?"
"(aduh malu banget nih) yah mbak saya ga bawa uang, saya cuma bawa 200.000, ga bisa ya?"
Iya ga bisa mbak, harus nyetor segini.
"yah brarti harus balik lagi besok2 kali ya?" gak akan, gw ga akan balik lagi. malu abiss!
Iya mbak kara.
OKEEEEEE. langsung kabuuuuuuuurrrrr...
naek angkot ke jurusan dago deh langsung, turun di borma.
ane mo blanja dulu..

gw ga ngerti deh kenapa gw tuh sekalinya bodoh, ya bego n tolol banget ngetan! sampe malu ama diri sendiri. dan yang lebih gw herankan lagi, kenapa setiap gw kehilangan barang, gw selalu nyadarnya belakangan dan lama banget. jadi ga ada deh tuh ceritanya panik2 karna nyadar keilangan barang. Berikut daftar barang yang pernah ilang:
- Paspor. Nyadar kalo keilangan paspor pas ada ibu2 ngehubungin gw kalo nemu paspor gw di depan SMA 78, sma gw wkt itu. O'ow. rupanya jatoh dr tas pas gw mo study tour ke jogja. itu tas gw pake sebelumnya ke singapore.
- Dompet. Baru nyadar dompet jatoh pas gw dirumah. jatoh di kantin kampus UI doang, tapi knapa ngambilnya ribet bgt deh. gr2 si orang itu polisi, jadi harus ngambil di mabes.
- HP. ini ilangnya lumayan gak lama. ilang di mal puri. dan nyadarnya ya pas masih di mal nyaa.. jadi brasa paniknya
- Dan yg terakhir kartu ATM ini.
alhamdulillah semuanya bisa kembali kecuali hp. ikhlaskan saja..

ngomong2 bandung siang tadi PANAS BANGET LOH. berasa di depok.baru hari ini apa emg tiap hari ya mengingat gw jarang banget jam 1an ada diluar kosan!
gw belanja makanan di borma, dengan bawaan beras, susu, roti, gw jalan menyusuri jalanan dago pojok

hiyaaaaaaa, alhamdulillah sampe kamar kosan gw juga! zzz.. bau matahari, gerah, dll
abis solat nyante2 lagi dehh.. gw udah ga mo mikirin ketololan2 gw hari ini. ih najiss!
eh lagi ol ketiduran, dari jam 2 sampe jam 4 lewat.. pas abis gw sholat ashar..
*TUTUTUTUT... TUTUTUTUT...*  bunyi weker gw yg menunjukkan pukul setengah 5


Thursday, December 10, 2009

topik impromtu : Hubungan Jarak Jauh (yeahh!)

hello peoplee!
do you miss mee? hehe long time no posting..
wah pokoknya banyak cerita yang terlewatakan dehh,
diantaranya weekend kemaren yang gw habiskan di jakarta dan di asrama baiti jannati. kerenn. banyak bintang tamu macem Ida Royani, Didi Petet dan sang motivator yang menurut gw sih lebih keren dari mario teguh, tp gw lupa namanya. Jam terbangnya dia udah tinggi juga. yahh tp sayangnya gw udah ga mood menceritakannya secara ditel, hehe.. i wanna share my today stories..
berawal dari semalem gw ga tidur dong ngerjain retorika semaleman. gw baru tidur jam 5 subuh dan gw paksa bangun tidur jam 9 pagi. hehe kebayang kan gimana ngantuknya, padahal sih gw ga ngapa2in cuma mandi masak nasi, beres2, dll. hehe.

kuliah pertama : Manajemen Komunikasi
gw malah ngerjain statistika yang (tentunya) udah ada bahan contekannya dong, hehe tp gw ngitung sndiri kok.

kuliah kedua : Retorika
ngeprint naskah pidato ekstempore, lalu pas masuk kelas kiran dikasih materi baru ato praktek apa gtu. ternyata masih seperti minggu2 lalu, kita disuruh praktek pidato improptu. Satu per satu mahasiswa disuruh maju ke depan dan dikasih topik pidato pada saat kita di depan dan di beri waktu 3 menit.Oiya kita juga di shoot pake steady handy cam.
Okelah, tentunya hari ini gw maju. karena sebagian besar temen2 kelas gw udah pada maju semua.

Dan tibalah nama gw dipanggil, Kara Rahmamitya.
pas gw berdiri di depan kelas, temen-temen sekelas pada berkoar "Melbourne.. Melbourne" "Mo nikah, mo nikah"
iya. biasanya celetukan temen2 itu mempengaruhi si dosen yang bernama pak Jadi dalam mengajukan topik ke kita.
bener deh, pak hadi nanya "memang pacarnya kara dimana?"
gw : "Beda benua pak, hehe. Melbourne"
Pak Hadi : "yak watu anda 3 menit bicara tentang hubungan jarak jauh"
langsung gw nyeletuk
"Saya ahlinya pak!" dengan sombongnya.
langsung anak-anak sekelas pada ngakak!
sampe gw ngucap salam aja masih pada ketawa2..

Lalu mengalirlah pembicaraan saya mengenai hubungan jarak jauh. sempet bingung juga sih, ngomong sambil mikir rasanya aneh. akhirnya gw putuskan saja untuk sharing sedikit tentang gimana saya bisa membina hubungan jarak jauh.
gw menceritakan awalnya kalo gw ditawarin bude untuk kenal sama cowo bernama faz yang sudah lulus, sudah kerja di melbourne sana.
"Wah saya gengsi dong waktu ditanya udah nge add fb nya faz belom, oleh bude saya"
langsung pada ngakak. emang kenapa deh kalo gengsi, namanya jg cewe. ya kan? hihi.
"Dengan ceting aja ktia bisa saling mengenal, saling terbuka, sampe akhirnya kita ketemu. Rasanya aneh, rasanya kikuk kaya masih pdkt" Trus gw bilang juga "Faz udah ke Indonesia dua kali, dan insyaAllah kita memutuskan untuk melanjutkan ke jenjang yang berikutnya,minta doanya ya teman-teman."

Sepanjang gw cerita gw dan Faz, anak2 cowo depan gw pada ketawa2 sendiri. sampe gw nanya kenapa, trs menyadari kalo gw agak2 curhat. oke gw langsung ganti topik yang menyatakan kalo hubungan jarak jauh yang penting komunikasi dan merasa bersyukur sekali bisa kuliah di jurusan komunikasi. "Berantem-berantemnya hubungan jarak jauh sama lah dengan yang jarak dekat, cuma bedanya jarang ketemu aja".
Dan akhirnya gw menyudahi topik gw yang gw gatau gw udah ngmg apa aja, ngalor ngidul, diulang2 mulu. Padahal pak Hadi udah ngingetin "fifteen" yang artinya udah mendekati 3 menit.

Akhirnya gw kembali ke tempat duduk. Eh si Pak Hadi masih nanya.
PH : "Itu di Melbourne ya Kara?"

K : "Iya Pak"

PH : "Kan sudah lulus, kok ga balik ke Indonesia?"

K : "Iya Pak, kerja disana"

PH : "Kenapa ga kembali?"

K : "Gatau Pak katanya jijik sama Indonesia"

PH : "Waduhh.. perlu dipertanyakan rasa nasionalismenya itu"

K : "...."

PH : "Nanti anda diboyong kesana?"

K : "iyaa.. makanya Pak. ehh.. makanya apa ya? iyaa insyaA makanya nunggu saya lulus baru kesana"

PH :"Kara itu bagaimana rasanya waktu pertama kali ketemu?"

K : "Yaa.. rasanya sama pak kaya saya berdiri di depan tadi. nervous. Ya aneh Pak, kaya rasanya 'Oh ternyata dia tuh ada wujud aslinya toh',
(Temen-temen sekelas pada ketawa)Iya kan karena saya selalu cuma liat foto2nya aja Pak. Jadi kaya ngeliat artis gtu pak.."

PH : "Hoo ya ya.."
Si Fikar depan gw nyeletuk "Emang mukanya kaya artis"

Gw ".... Yeaa.." *haha nada males..

Intinyaa.. gw udah ga ngerti deh apa yang gw omongin di depan, gw jarang banget natap mata orang2. cuma sesekali aja. yg gw liat cuma lante, sama atep. huaa. udha gtu omongannya itu2 doang. Dan ternyata gw bebrbicara selama 3.56 detik. WOWW!! nyaris 4 menit bokk. but it's ok lahh. :)

eh taunya abis gw si dinda, dia disuruh ngmg ttg inner beauty.

anyway. Pas Pak Hadi mo nutup perjumpaan kita dan ngasih input buat minggu depan yaitu ttg manuskrip, dia bilang kalo nanti pas manuskrip (Pidato yang ada skripnya)
harus bisa masuk dan menjiwai naskah tersebut. Kita bakal dapet skripnya dari beliau, buku ttg rasul gtu sama buku "Setengah Kosong setengah Isi".
Trus gw lagi bengonng2 ajaa.. kaya rewind td gw ngmg apa yaa. gw harusnya tadi ngmgnya lebih informatif ih.
eh tiba2 pak Hadi nunjuk gw, "Yaa seperti Kara ya tadi? (sambil nunjuk gw) Kara itu bisa jadi pemain teater karena pemain teater itu bisa menjiwai sesuatu"
Dalem hati gw, yaa kan pas SMA ekskul gw teater, lumayan mentas sekali doang ;p
Trus dia nambahin "Benar ya apa yang dikatakan Kara tadi, bahwa komunikasi itu penting sekalli. buktinya dia bisa membina hubungan jarak jauh hanya dengan komunikasi"

ihik ihik. jadi maluuu :) tapi sebenernya gw ga ngeh sih knp tiba2 nyambungnya ke teater.

Pasca gw ke depan pidato itu, seems like everyone know more about me deh. hehe.
Temen cowo gw nanya, Faz kerja apa di Melbourne. Dan reaksi dia amazed gtu pas gw blg editor. hehe.
Terus temen cewe gw yang bukan peer group jadi nanya emang kara mo nikah? kapan? nunggu lulus? cowo lo umur brp? berapa taun pacarannya?
hehe intinya mereka kaget2 gtu deh.

Ya Allah mohon lancarkan semuanya ya Allah :) Semoga dengan banyaknya orang yang tau tentang rencana gw dan Faz, semoga banyak yang ngedoain. dan semoga dilancarkan. amiin.
Love you Allah.

love you bebi..


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

karafaz engagement. 11.10.09

hai haii..
i've got so many stories to write on nih since i went back to jkt for a while (Fri-Mon)
Alhamdulillah i had so much fun yet useful activities in jkt.
but later on i'll tell you..
and now i wanna share these things to you all.. finally ive uploaded it on FB too.. for more detail story just click this

see youu :)
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