Monday, June 27, 2011

Make up for nite reception

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hijab Class by Hijabers Community

HC and Moshaict had just held a second hijabclass on 3rd-5th of June.
And Alhamdulillah me and kak Ina Rovi got a chance to share our hijab tutorial for 3 days in a row! WOW! 
It was very fun!

First is kak ina's turn to share and followed by me, then take some photos together, and ended by Warday Make up Tutorial.

I dont need any models (like kak ina did) to help me showing the tutorial, hehe using my own head is enough i guess! :p
At the first time i was very nervous to stand up in front of about 40 pretty hijabers, and also i have to show tutorial patiently and.. not make a "jutek" face! HAHA! its kinda really hard for me, since i dont know what to talk in front of hijabers that i havent meet before :p

 Took by Siti. Ehm look at my straight face! :p

 Kak Ina's Tutor

Done hijab tutorial by Ina and Kara. 
Still got many spare times before entering make up tutorial, then we ask the participants to also share their hijab tutorial to us. 
And we choose one of them who came with Turban Style. (unfortunately, i forgot to take her picture)
Wow! Her style is interesting, and i directly practice it.
So here it is the result!
*please ignore the orange shawl, haha*
Luckily, i dont have any guts to wear it everywhere and everyday :p
because it looks like after taking a shower!!!

Start the second day with introducing the Hijabers Community Committee to all the participants.
Hey! Look at the sign!

 Me with half of participants wearing my hijab style. Can you follow mine? :p 
Sorry the tutorial got to be exclusively for the participants only :)
 Yeah the committe rules! Take some picturesssss! :D


Alhamdulillah its all done smoothly in 3 days.
Thanks Rommy for the ride hihih, since my car in a problem, I left home at 08.30, riding "angkot" and then hop on her car :)

 Thank you so much for all those who came and spent their times and money just to attend this hijab class! :)

Pengajian Hijabers II

Attending this regular recitation of Hijabers Community.
And I also took a part as a reader of Holy Quran.
Was so nervous though only one ayat to read! :p

Alhamdulillah it went well and also the whole event :)

Ice breaking games!

 Nina as a host
Thanks for coming dearest Hijabers, see you Insyaallah next month :)
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