Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Sunday in Melb

 Melbourne, January 23 2011
On Sunday afternoon

We were wandering around the City, Melbourne. City is totally crowded and full of some unique buildings and many other interest things like cafe and etc. We were just wandering by car, Bebi showed me where he usually go to work, shooting and else. Its totally different from where bebi live now, Geelong Rd, where its more like an industry region, kinda quiet place but lots of big truck.
We stopped at only one spot.
Yeahh since we were only just the two of us, so we tried so hard to take some photos of us. hihi! 
No object to be captured, just a narsistic pics of us :p

It was about 8pm at that time, yeah its summer so the sun is still shining brightly till about 8pm. 
We have Maghrib time is at about 08.30 pm here.

After taking some photos and walked down the street (just a bit sih), then we straight to Nando's restaurant at Williamstown for dinner! YEAYY!

Thanks and AJKH bebi,
I Love You,

Survey Time

On Saturday January 22, KaraFaz and two of our friends were going to survey some place (park) for our big event which will be held on Wednesday January 26 to celebrate Australian Day.
From Yarra Park we off to Dandenong, its pretty much far away. Its like from Jkt to Bogor I guess. Hmm.
In the end we prefer Yarra Park than Dandenong.

photographed by Auly (our good friend)
edited by me

Friday, January 28, 2011

Melbourne, Here I Come!


Like I've mentioned on this post that i wanna go to this city as my vacation destination, Alhamdulillah here i am posting this post from Melbourne. Alhamdulillah everything went well, the preparation and along the journey.
Wednesday, January 19, I departed from Bandara Soekarno-Hatta airport at about 10pm by Garuda Airlines.
I was kinda really nervous because i went to this city all by my self. My parents and my brother were accompany me at the airport. Luckily Alhamdulillah, i found one of Faz's friend whom turns got a same plane with me. Fiuhhh,, so relieved, at least i could count on her for some urgent things. She was going to Melbourne with her husband, she also a newly wed just like me.

I was kinda amazed by the plane, hihi called me tacky! haha! Actually i really wanted watching all the good films which provided by the plane, but i was too sleepy to watch one film. Then I slept at about 12. And woke up 3 hours later which was already noon at that time, hoaa i couldnt sleep again. And the stewardess started to serve some meals.
Hmm Alhamdulillah i finally arrived in Melbourne at about 8am, Thursday, January 20. Long way to exit from airport because we had to queue up the immigration thingy.

And as i entered the exit gate, i see there my-sunburned-bebi was waiting for me. hihi! How i love this part of long distance realtionship :))

So, wait for our next stories ya! :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Balimo Taruih

on Monday, January 17
I was hanging out with my UI college friends, they were my team when we made our final work assignment. We called us "Balimo Taruih" it means, "always five". We made a feature video, yes we made it by ourselves but also helped byso many our other friends.
We spontaneously arranged the meet up thingy at that day, and Thank God, cocom whose home is far, could make it.
And we choose sushi tei for our early dinner, as always.
And luckily Sushi Tei got birthday program, so we can claim to them that we've just birthday.
And they will serve this

It's for free. Its a rice with mango and salmon on the top. Yumm!

We spent lots of time at Sushi tei because we keep talking, joking, and gossip-ing bout anything.
Me. Ajeng. Viona. Cocom. Dinda
Err you may see my face is plain here, no make up at all. Contradictive with my previous post which my face was full of make up. hihi. Im using make up depends on my mood. Hehe.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 23rd Birthday & the Wedding of Dian Pelangi

January 16
yea yea yea Alhamdulillah i am 23 years old now. Nothing's special on my birthday, no surprises, no friends, but i got so many greetings and wishes that makes me happy, grateful and kept me saying "Amiin".
Most of my friends wishing me to have a baby soon. haha! Aahh though i'm not ready yet but i replied them with "amin" :)
Last year on my birthday, their wishes were me to get married soon with Faz.
This year they wish me to have a baby not just a "bebi". hehe.

some of you perhaps wanna know what my husband did or gave to me on my birthday. The answer is nothing! hehe. He didnt gave me a greeting or some wishes. He told me that Birthday is just like another ordinary day. Nothings to be celebrated, even just for a greeting. Huh! But as i asked him to give me just a little prayer, he finally gave me some wishes :)

As a mature lady and a wife to faz, i become a frigid person. We dont do celebrate some of our special date, such as "tanggal jadian" and wedding monthversary. Hihi. Weird but thats us now :)

Well anyway.. actually what makes me excited bout my birthday was Dian Pelangi's wedding which held on my birthday! yeay yeay gonna meet my hijbaers again. I dont care bout my birthday, i just wanna meet them, taking some pictures and all :) 
Anyway, Dian's wedding theme were Morocco so she has given a hint to us to wear our best kaftan.
Me and Ghaida were making an appointment in my house, she asked me to make her up. So she came to my house. Wow such an honour for me, it means like she trust me, and my skill. haha oke i am too much ya!
It was my first time handling someone's face beside rommy. haha! I always do rommy's make up. Hoho.
And you know what.. that was my very first time wearing fake eyelashes by my self! Ergghh, it stressed me out! I should've more practice to wear it.

So here are the pictures of my make up. Smokey eyes rule! I also did Rommy's make up :)

taken after the party. fake eyelashes off. hehe
We were late come to the wedding and what make it worse is the parking lot which far far away from the venue. The venue is at Kempinski Hotel Indonesia, and we parked at Grand Indonesia :(
Dian & Tito
The video which played there totally breath taking! Huaa i forgot to take a photo.
Restu. Rommy. Ghaida. Me. Fitri.
Ghaida. Me. Kak Tia. Uni Ria
With uni Ria Miranda, she's wearing bright color: ORANGE! She always resist wearing bright colors
rommy. talitha. me. kak ina. etu. febby. fitri
Naaa! So she is Ghaida, a young mom whom i make up. Does she look more pretty with the make up? Does she look alike Titi Kamal? Ha!

These three pics below are taken by Sendy M.

Happy Wedding Dian dan Tito may you all got so many blessings from Allah. 
become a Sakinnah Mawaddah Warrohmah Family. Amiin :)

Thank You Hijabers ladies.. attending Dian's i almost forgot that it was my birthday hihi.
Too excited to meet you all!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hijabers Meeting

After all those hijabers' meetings that i skipped (because of stayed in Bdg).. yeahh i finally attended the 4th meeting of hijabers at PS, Seroeni to be exact. Ihiiy!
I planned to straight go to Bandung after the meeting, why did i have to go to Bandung in Saturday?? Because i'll have my final exam on Monday and got to work on some assignments with my college friends.
What are we meeting for? Well actually we are planning for launching Hijabers Community on March. So we gotta well-preparation for this kinda BIG event. Kinda feel excited huh?
so do I! hihi.
So, Here are the photos are mostly i grab from Sendy and Siti.

with Kak Lulu :)

And here is the "GONG" of the whole photos i got! Its edited by Sendy. -_____-

Thankyou loh Sendy for reading my mind! haha! i couldnt control my face, my "jutek" expression! Hihi. I put this pic as my BBM display pic, and some of my friends commented bout this pic. They told the pic is hilarious! hmmm...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

 In this 20100 may we all can be a better person in every single way! In health, in faith, in career/study, finance, self development.. and else. Amiin. I think we need some resolutions or plans or targets in every new year. By listing those stuffs we could measure ourselves wether we suceed or not.

My BIG Plans in 2011

Working on my (very) final exam properly, the best i can do. I mean InsyaAllah it would be my last final exam in this college before taking thesis, if i could pass all of the subjects in this semester.

InsyaAllah i'll choose this city as my vacation destination. hope everythings going well

Should take job training in somewhere office to fulfill the requirements before taking thesis. Hope i got a great office which suits with me and not taking too long time.

After Job training then i got to make some kind of little seminar before entering thesis part.
 It consist The first chapter of my upcoming thesis

Struggling with thesis issues. Hope i'd know what my thesis title would be as im working on job training. So am hoping It'll accelerate the process InsyaAllah.

Got graduated at about August. Hopefully. Bismillah..

Then if i've graduated from Unpad i wish to focus on 

Oh last but not least, i really wish to unite with my hubby as soon as i got graduated

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