Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 days in Jkt: wed thingy

Its been 5 days already since my last post! uhhh time ticking so fast :(

so little time, so many things to doooo... hemmm.

25th. SATURDAY: went back to Jakarta in the morning and straight to Senayan city in order to give the uniform fabric to cocom. Before that, my parents came to sency to drop by the fabric and lunch with me. then i met cocom, then we accidentally saw etha (my UI friend) while waiting Ajeng. So in the end we were hanging out together. Ah, ya i gave gyanda's fabric to her boyfie who was in sency also.
You know what i spent 10 hours in that mall. From 1pm-11pm. HAHA! and i felt so tired after that.but it was a great saturday with Ajeng. yeah just the two of us in the end, cause the others were hanging around with their family and her (cocom) boyfie.

26th.SUNDAY: was Soenar's family gahtering time! we havent "kumpul" the whole big family yet since Lebaran day. So that was the day. Held in Bandar Jakarta. As usual, we always give a gift or an envelope with the money inside to each others, we called it GALA GAMPIL or THR in general. Alhamdulillah got so many gifts and money from my relatives :)

the Bandar Jakarta is a seafood restaurant which located by the sea... and there's a boat which can be used by us by only pay 50.000 rupiahs for one round.

my niece. my cousins; Gita & Tya in the boat :)

After full of some seafood meals.. i suggest all to have a karaoke family time. And my idea was approved! wohooo... and the karaoke room was sooo cool and cozy enuff :)

Ah ya, i forgot to tell it. In the sunday morning i have all over my body treated in the salon, from head to toe! yeahh! I did lulur, hair spa and manicure padicure. sooo relaxing :)

27th. MONDAY: Back to wedding thingy! Went to Tante Yulia's house, the tailor of my wedding kebaya, in order to have my very first fitting. Turns out the kebaya is still 70% on progress. wow the kebaya is beautiful (for me, personally. since i rare to wear/have kebaya). Well the kebaya for reception is have to be enlarged due to the tightness on my arms. overall i love the kebayas. cant wait to another fitting, cant wait to wear it! :)
after that, we straight to pengadegan, to deal with KUA thingy. too bad there's e regulation which we dont know before. That, we should put our documents to the KUA office which located same as the wedding place will be held. HAHA my english is WORST! i mean, kita harus menaruh berkas2 kita dan meminta penghulu ke kua yg sedaerah dengan tempat kita menikah. so i have to move to kebayoran baru kua office later on.

28th TUESDAY: gotta go to kecamatan kebayoran baru. Alhamdulillah dapet penghulu sesuai waktu yang diinginkan. then straight to PTIK- ambarawa hotel. and home.

29th WEDNESDAY. i decided to go to mangga dua with rommy instead of with my parents. we went to mangga dua pasar pagi by transjak. UHOHH! that  was my very first time using transjak for a longtrip. i usually use transjak to go to pim only. Anyway we transit from harmoni to kota, ohh nooo.. i feel the cahotic there. full of people. hot. and i dont feel any familiar with the street and the region. but thank god we arrived mangga dua safely. and both of us were fasting, so i think its make it worse. we feel soo kering. haha!
well alhamdulillah, i have ordered the souvenirs, actually that is faz's mom idea, and i think its a good stuff also. so i choose it, after long2 thinking and discussing with rommy. I pay the DP, alhamdulillah i brought the logo of "karafaz" name, so i can give it to them to print the name on the stuff. yeahh alhamdulillah souvenir thingy almost done! though i have to go back to give the "thankyou card". hmmm
ALhamdulillah i had a great trip with rommy, we did share lots of things :) love it..

Well anyway, still got so many things to doo...
- listing wedding song
- hunting for selop
- decide which style of hijab to put on
- hunting for wedding rings
- scanning my photos
- labelling the invitations :(
- agghhhh 

gotta sleep now!

Friday, September 24, 2010


SEKARANG TANGGAL 24?? DEMI APA?? SEBULAN LAGI?? alias.. 30 HARI LAGI?? hahhhhh... Zzzz.. dann  sepuluh menit lagi tanggal 25! itu artinya 29 HARI LAGIII!!!

ehhh apa sihh gue ga jelas yakk?? hahahah :p

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was the last saturday in this Lebaran's day!

Went to Naninni, Plaza Senayan, with my family. It also a place where my family and Faz's fam were meeting at, discussed about our wedding date. Well anywayyy... The food is good, and the price as well :p

They dont have fettucini in their menu, they only got spaghetti. Either carbonara or bolognaise. But i decided to order some kind of spaghetti.. too bad i forgot the name of it!  its mixed with olive oil. I think i start to love any food which contains olive oil :)) 
So here it is.. more like "bihun" I guess hehe..

And the dinner isn't over yet. I ordered salad as my dessert. Its a rare thing, why did i order salad? Since our servant has go home to their hometown (a.k.a mudik), and there's no one whom cooking in my house.. then I think i'm lack of vegetables!  So with full of sotoyness of mine, i ordered Garden Salad.. and here it is..

OH NO! there's no mayonnaise dressings at all -____-
So i have to eat it with its pure taste.. yeahh so vegetables!
Paprica, cucumber, tomatos, and else.

                       And you can see thru this pic, how was my expression during eating the salad

But fortunately the salad is served with garlic bread, so i can taste less the vegetables by it! haha.

With Haqa, my only one brother.
Well after finished the dinner, haqa asked for leave to hang out with Mas ditho, our cousin. And i straighted to Metro to hunt some heels for my wedding. hmm. havent decided to buy yet though there's a heels which i desire to. 

HEY! the saturday nite is not over yet, i still had a appointment with my friends in senayan city in order to give a birthday surprise to our lovely bestie, Putri Ekarina, or usually called Pudi. So papa dropped me at Sency, then dita picked me up to accompany her to have a dinner outside sency. We stopped and ate at Panglima Polim, then straight to some kind of mini market, either CK or Alfa midi to buy some candles and ordered martabak for pudi.
At 11.30 pm we still waiting for the martabak done, then we straight to sency to catch up sency before the twelve o clock!
So we entered sency basement at a minute to twelve o'clock. There were Dira and her BF, dimpol and her friend, ajeng-aya. So after made a coordination with Waza, we stand by in front of the lift which Pudi and Waza will used for. And... Taraaa... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUU... 
she looked shocked yet happy

Then we straighted to oenpau, Radio Dalam. And pudi treated us! yeayy! thankyouu :)

once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUDII.. Wishing you a wonderful 22 years old. more mature and more religious. :*

okey, i think thats more than enough.
Now is time for me to sleep. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

my BF

October 2009

Just realized that I've never felt bored with this relationship. 
During 2008- till now, we've got lots of loves yet quarrel :p
The chemistry of us is always sparkling InsyaAllah.

I love you, Bebi Faz

Friday, September 17, 2010

The preparation so far..

Hai hai hai..
After all those Lebaran's holiday, here we are working on KARAFAZ wedding thingy again. One month to goo!! And still there are some unfinished works about the wedding. huff.. so i think i need to write down the details of my wedding..

Venue           : PTIK, Kebayoran
Catering       : Yvonne (but still i havent did any test food of it yet) Its because of the owner of the catering is my grandmother's bestfriend, so we are a bit "santai" :p
Decoration   : Chantique (And again, the owner is my step mother's friend, so we can get cheaper price which suits with our budget without losing the magnifience and the quality, yihaa!)
Make up       : Sanggar Ardhiya by bu Is Sriyanto
Scarfs/veils   : not yet
Weddingcard: Ready Card tebet (langganan)
Thank you card: Ready Card
Sewa baju     : Sanggar Ardhiya
Kebaya         : Tante Yulia (Faz's mother's best friend)
friends' uniform: Fancy
Documentation: Bu bambang (my grandma's bestfriend)
Souvenir          : - (either mangga dua or australia souvenir)
Heels              : -
KUA thingy    : belooom
Seserahan stuffs: half done
rings                : beloooom
entertainment   : belooom
hand bouqet    : beloom

soo many things to doo...
- final meeting with Ready card (tebet) then naik cetak!
- test make up and rent some clothes at Sanggar ardhiya
- giveaway the fabric uniform
- hunting for my scarfs
- hunting souvenirs
- pre wed treatment
- hunting for rings
- fitting kebaya with Tante Yulia

hmmmm such a homework! hu haaa.. semangattt!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


hai there.. whats upp?? hehe
today i finally went out meet up with my UI college closest friends.. they are my TKA-team, ajeng, dinda, viona, and cocom.
And as usual we always share some stories and gossips while having sushi as our early dinner. Lovely! we shared some stories, we shared some precious experiences, we had some in-depth-conversations.. no time for gossips! hihi. And please note that i was sooo talkative a.k.a baweel! haha. i cant even shut my mouth!
but too bad we forgot to take some pictures at sushi tei. And right after we exit from sushi tei, cocom should go home soon :( and we dont have any pictures the five of us.

             the only pictures we took was in the zara lift! haha.(ajeng, viona, and dinda)
and not forget to took a pic of me
wearing viona's glasses #random picture
Well actually there were my-another-best-friends in sency as well, but i couldnt catch them up coz i was too busy with my "balimo taruih" (berlima terus) friends. I was thinking that i often to meet them rather than the balimo, so i choose to keep my self with balimo :))

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hii everyonee.. how was your Lebaran? was it good? hope soo :) mine was good as well.

TAQOBALALLAHU MINNA WAMINKUM everyone, and lets enjoy the rest of Lebaran Day! yeaa..

i prayed Ied in Duta Merlin as usual, and fortunately me and Mom Nina met my aunt and my cousins in the field.. so we prayed together side by side (in one saf). And its seldom happenned!

And (again) fortunately i saw Rommy (my partner in mykamovic) just came and surprisingly WE DID WEAR A SAME HIJAB STYLE! hahaha what a coincidence. So i shouted her out and show my hijab as well.hahha!

And yes right after we've done the pray.. we did apologize each other. And me and rommy took a picture for a while..

so here is the picture with rommy..
                                                    mind the bad picture quality

                    with Mia (aprilia's collection's owner) and her sister in law mbak isna

And.. what did i wear in this Lebaran?
    i wore hijab with Dian Pelangi hijab style. i wore bandana first then put the hijab on it.

           i wore white dotted blouse and batik rok. hehe a bit weird but i dont care! :p

          the details of my white-dotted-blouse which is not sooo kind of Lebaran clothes. hihi

hehe i think thats enough for today. really had a great time with big family and with some good food as well.

yuhuu, happy lebaran everyone!
especially for my lovely one, Bebi Faz, who didnt pray Ied due to wake up late. haha


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hijabscarf gathering :) lots of gorgeous hijabi!!

yes we were invited by mbak jehan (Jenahara) ,our friend, whom ever featured in And we were excited to come, we were excited to dress-up till we came late. We arrived PI, Urban Kitchen at 6 past 20.. and too bad mbak je didnt come because her daughter was sick. So we just came to the UK the two of us, without any clue who they are, but fortunately i've read some of hijabscarf's posts then i might know who else whom featured in that blog and came to that gathering. At least i noticed mbak Ria, Dian Pelangi, and of course the owner of the hijabscarf blog ; Mbak fifi and mbak hana. They were so friendly.. and you know what made us being center of attention among the hijabers? yeahh, we wore the same dress style.. And they kept asking us "are you two twins?" hahaha.. been so long not hear that common question since our last junior high school perhaps. hihi. Yeah at least they might remember us with that kind of "twins" thingy :D

And so here are the same style of me and rommy
mykamovic dress. LM hardware cardigan. wedges & belt: charles&keith.

and its rommy's outfit
mykamovic dress

                                                                     on our way to PI :)

we've got plenty of new hijab friends!

the stripey ladies!

uhhh we didnt get the goodie bag from wardah :(

                                             with Ria Miranda (pink) & Dian Pelangi

anyway we really had a great time with the hijabi ladies.. new friends, new experiences, and some NEW HIJAB INSPIRATIONS are already spinning around in my head..
To be honest, i'd love to try dian pelagi's hijab style.. and i couldnt stop staring her, noticed her, how she wears her hijab :p ohhyaaa i was calling her "MBAK DIAN" and guess whatt... she turns out way younger than me!! she's 19 YEARS OLD!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

belajar sabar *shroot shrooot!!

Astaghfirullohaladzim ya Allah. Ampunilah dosa2ku. Ya Allah, kalo udah begini aja, entah mengapa cuma inget dan kangen mamah dan baru inget Dengan-Mu. Ampuun. Sabaar.

Ya Allah feels lonely banget ini. Ampun dah.. Kaya ngerasa ngadepin smuanya sendirian.. Ga ada yg ngertiin gue. Kaya semua bertubi2 aja. Maksudnya ga ada yg ngertiin bukan brarti ga ada yang care ya.. Banyak banget temen2 yang care, alhamdulillah. Pada baik bangett, cuma ada kalahnya ada yg ga bisa gue share ke temen2 ato orang. Gue lebih suka nulis, lebih suka curhat ke Allah, ga bakal ada yang protes, ga bakal ada yang ngritik ato nasehatin gue. Gue lebih seneng nulis dan introspeksi diri sendiri. Setelah bersedih-sedih ria baru lah gue bisa mempelajari apa hikmahnya. Dan menjadi lebih dewasa atas apa yg udh gue lalui. Susah banget utk org ngerti perasaan n jalan pikiran gue, jd paling org lain cuma bisa nenangin gue. Tapi gue udah bersyukur banget, glad to have them in every single way. Alhamdulillah. Ga diminta, mrk udh dtg sndiri.

Ampun ya Allah. Baru tau kalo sabar itu emg harus dipelajari, harus dijalanin. Sabar. Sabar. Ntar pokoknya mau ngadu sama Allah. Kadang saking complicatednya perasaan kita, kita jd ga bsa cerita sama org lain n lebih nyaman mendem itu sndiri. Hu-haaa! Hidung melerr,mata berair.. Huahhh!

Kuatkan aku ya Allah.
Yaampun ini yg gw bilang nih si echa dah yg emang biasa berurusan dgn kesabaran, hihi piss cha!

Udah ah, udahan nih nangisnya. Ntar kalo lagi. Disambung lagi. Dahh!

Alhamdulillah lega. See how my blog and writing have been such a great partner and medicine for me! *for introverted person only
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