Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picture of Me "HijabersComm Launching"

Late pictures of me from Hijabers Community Launching.

Well not bad i guess! :p

Make up by my self
Shawl : Endorsed by Kami Idea
Long Cardigan : Mykamovic (still available in stripe and grey, and white click the Mykamovic tab)
Long dress : Metro
Wedges : Charles & Keith

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HijabersComm - 1st Islamic Study

Call me so late!
i forgot to post about Hijabers community 1st Islamic study which held on April, 9 2011.  The theme was spring and the dress code was flowery.
That was such a special day for me, cause bebi Faz, my hubby, accompanied me there and willing to shoot the event using his new camera. hehe. 
During the event, he was really busy and focus on his camera, his monopod, shot some pictures from any angels and also direct me and my friends to do this and that in front of the camera :p
But not only busy with the cam but he also mingled with my friends, i adore him in this case. He could mingled nicely with my friends though he hasn't met them before :)

So here it is the result, the highlight is wrapped in one day only! 
Thank you bebi :*

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MYKAMOVIC Bazaar (again!)

Glad to be back to this cozy place to hold a bazaar~
Me, Rommy, Nalia Rifika and Ola Fadly will be in one booth of Bazaar at La Codefin, Kemang. 
But still in the name of our each online shop. Hihi. Me and Rommy for Mykamovic, Fika for Nably Covered and Ola for Lila Butik.
What time?

Lots of new collections of mykamovic with reasonable price!
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