Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review

I usually write down a recap of what happened in my life in a year. It might like a tradition in this blog :D
so lets get started!


always be a month that i'll be waiting for! Cause its my birthmonth and a beginning of new year, new hope, etc! Moreover, i was too excited to welcome January 2011 back then, besides my birthday, it was also Dian Pelangi's wedding day, and i was gonna have a holiday trip!.. ehh hmm DP birthday is also in January sih. Two days before mine! So her birthday is on 14th, and mine is 16th.. and she celebrated my birthday by held her wedding on that day as well! *halah* its just a coincident tho hehe..

on 14, we're having fun on Dian's birthday by giving her a 'surprise party'!
on 16 at DP's wedding .. i even forgot my own birthday as they greet me! hehe..
And here comes the day i've been waiting fooo... MELBOURNE for the first time! ihiiyy..
i spent a month in melbourne, and it was very fun.. yaiyalah, all we did is just hang out, eating out, strolling, etc. Hihi. That was a holiday, indeed!

still got my rest holiday in melbourne until 19th wohooo! 
and i forgot what else happened in February as i got back in Jkt hehe. 
All i know is... my hubby should be at Jkt by March.. ihiyyy!

finally on 19th we've launched this community, we're done a great job in organizing this event! 
Thank you for coming, thank you for helping us make this event!
on 28,
 horrayy time to pick him up! Alhamdulillah we met again after about a month

this month was Kakben and Caca big day! 
Happy wedding... :)
As hubby went back to Melbourne, a few weeks later, i have my armpits in operation. Sounds weird ya but its for real. There were like "benjolan" in my armpits, thats why i feel my armpits like "gendut" unlike others' armpits. The doctor said it's gland (kelenjar) that should be removed, unless it will bother me when i'll be a mother & breastfeeding later. 

may? hmm.. still struggling with recovery of my armpits, but a week after my operation i decided to join bazaar at lacodefin. So Mykamovic was in collaboration with nably covered & lila butik, took part of bazaar at lacodefin. That was our first experience in collaboration with kak fika and Ola ;)
on 29, 
took part in HC pengajian as a Qur'an reader. I was very nervous to perform in front of many hijabers :s Alhamdulillah it went well :)

Took part as a tutor of Hijab Class at Moshaict. Hmm quite difficult ya to show how to this and that in styling hijab in front of about 40 hijabers, hihiih.. i couldnt hide my jutek face/flat expression?impatient face :p

BACK in Mellbourne! Alhamdulillah, but that wasnt for holiday, it was for finishing our immigration things, so me as a wife, should be there for signing this and that letter.
And Alhamdulillah got a chance to make a video about Jenahara Fashion Series profesionally, thanks mbak Je for the chance! And thanks to my hubby for having an ability of filming and editing video. hehe.
on 21, as i got back in Jkt, alhamdulillah got a job as one of extras for QLC company profile :)
on 27, Alhamdulillah got a chance from Uni Ria for helping her as an extras in Warna , TV Program. I was the one who got chance to be make over by Uni
on 28, got the most awards from other committes at Gourmet World - luncheon with HC committe

ALHAMDULILLAH, its RAMADHAN! Nothing special happened in this month, all i did is just praying, focus on doing worship. I didnt want to be regret later of wasting time of Ramadhan, so i decided to break from HC for a while.. i decided to refuse breaking fast with friends, outside home. 

MY BEBI IS HOME AGAIN! yeayeayeaaa! Alhamdulillah, this is our very first time celebrated Ied Day together as a wife and hubby :) It was quite fun, meaningful, memorable yet confusing for newly wed :s But still, Alhamdulillah..
We went to Lampung, visiting my aunty. And Alhamdulillah, the Benny Moerdoko's big family member was very complete, include my hubby! My Eyang must be very happy at the moment :)
Lebaran moment was filled with our each family activites
Oh yaa, me and hubby were watching football match at GBK for Indonesia vs Bahrain. Wohoo that was my very first experience watching match straight from GBK. And hubby lost his blackberry even before we got into the stadion -___-

Alhamdulillah, i was back in Melbourne again for the 3rd time in a year! This trip aims to extend my visa, yeah i only got 3 months permission of staying in jkt (august-october). So i have to move from jkt and go back to Melby before my visa expired and being an illegal imigrant.
Alhamdulillah we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary togetherrr in that beatiful cityyy!
In the end of Oct, before i go back to Jkt, we went to sydney. Its was a fun road trip!!!

Finally got a chance to meet Suci Utami in person! we met suci, we got new peer group named blogger-married / married-blogger. So far, they're the best new friends! why? because we all now are at the same stage.. we're newly wed (not really new sih as we've thru our 1st anniv marriage) and still learning to be a better wife.

Slowly but sure working on my thesis. Huhu, thesis is my 2011 resolution that cant be done in this year. Hopefully i can make it and graduated from Fikom Unpad in the beginning of 2012. Aamin.

Alhamdulillah for everythings that happened in 2011. Its Actually not a good year for my academic thingy as i dont have any subject to study in the class, so i've spent my times more into holiday, doing HC thingy, but Alhamdulillah got some new experiences which earns money. 
So now is time to back on the track, focus and done what should be done.

Bismillah.. :)

Im ready for 2012! 
Aren't you? ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Enjoying my Monday noon with my best friends (J & V) at this unique cafe while tasting the "it" red velvet cake. 

Somehow the ambience of this cafe reminds me of some cafe in Melbourne. Huhu. It has similar decoration concept with Melby's one. Take a look at this pic below
at Hobsons Choice- Williamstown, Melbourne

So both of them looks similar aight? ;) ahh i miss Melby and my man then :')

- Union, Plaza Senayan-

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Please dont get bored with my makeup and kondangan post. And please dont leave a comment "perasaan kondangan mulu postnya". Deal??? Ok!

 I cant walk by myself without Rommy standing next to me
 (because of the heels that i wore -__-)
 with my brother

Finally i gave up, i have to sit down. And took off my shoes, and walked to the parking lot.. shoeless!
yeahh.. whatever.. hahha!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Married-Blogger II

Okay, this is a late post about married-blogger second meet-up. 

on December 9, we arranged to meet up at Citos (mehh thats too far from my house anyway -__-) and too bad, there were only suci , kak fika, me and rommiy who can make it. 
Me and rommy came very late, at 4pm! hihi.. they're done having ramen at sanpachi. So we moved to Burger King

In this second meet up, Alhamdulillah suci has finally melted. haha! maksudnya mencair!.. finally she has fulfilled my expectation about Suci (the expectation that I've imagined before we finally meet in person). But one think that i havent get used to about suci is her voice hihihihi.. ;p

Anyway, We shared laughs, stories, and other girls' talk. So much fun, cause we're getting know each other more than before, so our convo getting more personal. We support each other, We listen to each other as well ;) Love 'em

But that was a short meet up, we spent only two hours. I want more like plissss :)

All of the photos are grabbed from kak fika's blog ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just drop by


Hello everyone.. been busy with my thesis thingy. Hmm actually not that as busy as you think sih, but yeah so so lah. I just lost my mood for blogging :) I usually sleeping whenever im in Bandung, at my dorm's room. The weather has been sooooo comforting and makes me more unproductive, haha! ;p

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Make Up Artist?

As i got home from my friend's wedding reception (my previous post), Noi, one of my committee HC friends, asked me to do her make up at her familly wedding party. At first i was afraid *sounds like a lyric* because i have to meet her at its wedding venue, which means will be full of her family and it'll be awkward i thought.

But yeah i think its a challenge for my own self, and it offered by Noi. Haha, i dont know what makes her choose me to do her makeup. I've never handled her face before, so it quite surprised me :D 

While i was doing her makeup and i feel doubt, Noi encouraged me.. "Kara, you can do it. Be like a pro MUA dong" hahaha.. she supported me like a truly teacher *yes she is*. And it works, i have to believe in my self.. in my abilites.
And what makes me more nervous is, her sister also asked me to do her makeup! Waaaa... i feel like very nervous, it drains my mind and very exhausting cause i have to think what im gonna put on her face. Seriously, being a MUA is not easy, cause we often meet 'new face' and have to make them outstanding by our touch! sigh...

But Alhamdulillah its very very priceless. Thanks Noi for trusting me and having me as your "MUA". Thanks for the challenge! Its such a precious experience. Hope you like it yahh...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winks ;)

Always been an amateur MakeUp Artist for these girls, especially for wedding party occasion.
They're  Rommy my bestie, and Deycil my sister in law.
And last week we were attending one of our friend's wedding reception.. so, here are my 'touch' :)

I love make up so much, and making others look more pretty ;)

Meet old friends

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Guys, maybe some of you who have my bbm contact or follow my twitter, realize that i lately tweet or write about "positive thinking" or "think positive"?
Why? am i trying to be the next mario teguh or what? No, its like a warning and a reminder for my own self to keep think positive in anything. 
Why? What happen? Yeah, lately i just feel like tired of being my self who always keep blaming, complaining and, this is what i hate the most but i always do and feel  ->> being cynical or whatever that shows my mindset is negative. Geez, its really tiring you know!
We've been living in negative energy, reading timeline which people are mostly complaining, whyning, being cynical, talking bout others, bla bla etc.
Ive jsut realized lately that, WHAT? I've been a suck person, a people who always think negative bout others. Susah liat orang seneng. Seneng liat orang susah.

So on that day, i started to think positive positive positive! everytime i started think or being cynical, i got reminder like: Hey think positive, we dont know about her/him. Stop suudzan. Yeah "it" voice does exist in my mind. But i find quite hard changing my mindset from negative into positive one in a snap. I need a process.

A few days ago, i read tweet updates from caca, that she has just updated a vlog on her web. And she did Broadcast message also at bbm. And what did i think? i think cynical! Ohhh how bad person i am!

But a couple hours ago, i opened her blog, and started watching her vlog. OMG! Its like really what ive been searching for. Its like an answer, a tools of what ive been struggling to ; having positive mindset.
Seriously, i know her. This vlog is definitely so her! She's always having positive mindset. Never talking bout others. She loves to read positive books, motivation, psychology , etc. 
Honestly I USED TO love reading some kinda that books when i was teenager especially when my mom still alive and when i determined to get in psychology majority. But as i failed to get in, my mom's dead, i stopped reading that kind of books. I also felt tired of feeling of "should push myself to be better, to achive my goals, should  blah blah blah" after reading those. And now here i am, the most SANTAI people alive in the world. Huks.

So guys, lets be a better person in every single day. Try to be thankful of what we've got in every day. Try to leave those kind of negative thinking about ourselves and others! Because when you realized that you've been a suck/rubbish person to others, you feel like have wasted your time or even your life!

So happy watching! As you finish it, you feel like having some positive spirit and mindset. But then if you dont even feel like having an eager to change yourself.. crap! there must be something wrong about you ;) *oops that kind of negative words! ;(

you may watch it on

So, how do you feel? Feeling like want to be a better person? You're with me!
Lets do this together



Saturday, November 19, 2011


2nd of October 2011
At The Wedding of Dhenia, our good friend
They are my beloved Balimo Taruih, huhuy! 
We are Broadcast UI Friends. Struggled together on that hard times as a team work. We were making a feature film for our TKA ( Tugas Karya Akhir) D3, just the 5 of us!
And Alhamdulillah we're still keeping in touch by having a quality time while enjoying sushi

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(my) Old Fashion Styles

These are few of my old fashion styles. 
I kinda miss those simple style.
Skinny jeans wits loose top :)


Monday, November 14, 2011

PDKT Story

Just realized that this date ,14th of November, 3 years ago *ohmaigod! its been 3 years??* me and faz were officially a lover, after that short 'approachment'. Yes it tooks 1 month only. And he 'shot' me thru Skype.. and we've never met before in person ;p 
I dont know, i felt like we're so connected. So its okay having that 'pdkt kilat'. Aduh cape nulis bahasa inggris, mikir beribu-ribu kali padahal belom tentu bener.

Jadi begini... 
Kita disuruh kenalan oleh masing-masing keluarga kami kayanya udah dari bulan Ramadhan deh, tapi gue masih gak berkutik. Iya dong, gue cewe gituloh. Masa gue disuruh bude gue untuk add ym faz duluan, bah! Selama gue berpangku tangan, Bude, dan sepupu gue pada sibuk dan berisik banget nyuruh2 "Ra udah kenalan belom?". Lah! Sampai-sampai tanpa sepengetahuan gue, sepupu gue nyomot foto-foto kece *alamak* gue di friendster, lalu dikirim ke email Pak Babud whom my father in law now. Idih keki tapi seneng dong gue ;p Soalnya setelah liat foto gue itu, konon kabarnya sih Pak Babud tidak kecewa malah mendorong anaknya untuk kenalan. *Eh gue tau nih Pak Babud alias Pap, sekarang lagi baca blog gue, yes he's totally such a kepo papa mertua ;p*

Ngomong-ngomong kepo, emang dasar gue karakepo *panggilan anak hijabers ke gue*, sebelum kenalan dengan Faz aja gue udah kepo search namanya.. awalnya gue search di Friendster, karena dia temennya temennya gue. Gue carilah nama faz di friendsnya temen gue, eh tapi kayanya gak segampang itu deh soalnya seinget gue nama dia bukan literally Faz, tapi fazzgoy ya kalo ga salah. Jadi gue sulit menemukan profil FS dia. Eh sampai akhirnya gue nemu, gue kulik-kulik lah tuh. Waktu itu lagi masa peralihan dari FS ke FB, profile picture nya Faz waktu itu kaya gini  nih. 

What do you think? All i think back then was "yeah not bad" Cukup membuat penasaran. Apakah emang bener rambutnya koneng? Lanjut gue kepo foto-foto lainnya, wuih ternyata banyak fotonya yang caur-caur , fotonya yang bener cuma seiprit. Fotonya yang 'bener' cuma beberapa, salah satunya di foto bareng Rianty C dan Mulan. Yiahh fotonya sama artis aja baru deh tampangnya bener. Gue penasaran ini orang kok tampangnya beruba-ubah disetiap fotonya. Gue gak tau yang mana tampang yang sebenarnya. Selain ngulik FS nya, gue juga googling namanya dan ternyata gue jadi tau kalo namanya adalah Faz Fakhiyardi dan... ternyata dia punya blog juga. Gue kepoin juga deh tapi gak setiap postnya sih, tapi secara keseluruhan yang gue tangkup dari gaya menulisnya, ya 11 12 kaya Raditya Dika. Lanjut kepo FB nya karena udah nemu namanya, Jeng jeng, profile picture nya beda lagi tampangnya!
OMG! ini orang cacat ya kok tampangnya kayak gini??? Haha! Bener deh tampangnya berubah2. Tapi kenapa mesti ini yang jadi profile pic nya, emangnya gak punya foto yang lebih mendingan lagi??? Eits tapi malah bikin gue penasaran sihh hehe. Gundul, kacamata old skul, ekspresi aneh-aneh. Btw ini dia foto sama Ajiz *di post sydney trip 1-3*

Tiap hari pun gue asik FB-an, Blogging kepo-in si Faz ini. Sampai wall nya juga! Freak ya gue atau ga ada kerjaan?? :D
Sekitar pertengahan Okt 2008.
Eh suatu hari gue liat nama dia di daftar friend request *asikk akhirnyee* Ehhh tenryata tanpa gue sadari, si Faz ini udah duluan message gue di FB. Gue gak sadar karena dulu message FB gue isinya junk messages semua dan gak pernah gue buka sampe ada 60-an biji. Yahh gue skip 4 hari deh kayanya *duile afal banget*
Isi message nya: "Oi lo kara broadcast UI ya? Kenal Bandor dong?"
Cieee! pas buka message itu rasanya nyesel, yiahhh kenapa gue skip sih, kenapa gak langsung bales. Eh tapi gapapa deng bair dia penasaran ;p Anyway Bandor itu temen SMA-nya yang mana adalah senior gue di BC UI. Bandor ini personelnya Sunset Groove Band. Nah kebayang gak kalo Bandor gak kuliah di UI? Atau gue gak satu almamater dengan Bandor? Kayanya gue gak akan pernah kenal Faz ini karena faz gak punya kata-kata perkenalan pamungkas seperti yang diatas ;p

Menurut pengakuannya, while dia nunggu message-nya dia bales. Dia kepo fb gue dari fb room-matenya dia. He thought i was snob karena Online kok gak bales message nya. Beberapa hari kemudian ada yang nge add add Yahoo Messenger gue! Ihik, disitu tertulis namanya fazzgoy. Gue approve tapi dia tak nampak online.
Kebiasaan gue kalo abis online laptop itu gak pernah matiin laptop atau internet jadi langsung gue tinggal tidur.  Dan gue bangun siang langsung online.. eeehh ada yang nyapa dan nge-Buzz dari beberapa jam yang lalu. tertulis jam 4 Subuh waktu Jkt, it means dia ngebuzz gue jam 8 waktu sana. Lagi, lagi kasian banget ya dia gak pernah dapet respon gue secara langsung, nunggu gak jelas hihi.
Untungnya dia masih online, gue bales deh.. lalu dari situ sekitar pertengahan Okt 2008 kita mulai YM-an rutin. Dan sepertinya Alloh telah menakdirkan kita untuk sering ym-an. Kenapa? Karena waktu itu Faz selalu online di kantornya (ngedit video) tapi kebetulan bos nya lagi ke luar negeri, jadilah dia gak pernah kerja. All that he did was just chatting with me and kepo-ing my blog. Seriously, gara-gara gak ada bos nya dia jadi bisa khatamin blog gue yang penuh dengan kenistaan gue. Yaampun tau ga sih blog gue isinya tuh seputar pacaran, putus, galau, move on, waiting for someone. Ih maluuu! Tapi jujur, gue gak segitunya khatamin blognya. Kenapa? Karena gue bingung itu gimana sih blognya dia, dia ngeblog di live journal nah gue bingung itu next postnya yang mana, older post nya yang mana ;p

Sebelum kenal Faz, HP GSM gue ilang, so gue cuma survive dengan esia gue. Waktu itu gue mikir "Ah toh dengan esia gue juga tetep bisa komunikasi sama orang-orang". Eh ternyata tidak! Mana gue tahu kalo yang pdkt sama gue orang luar negeri. Gak bisa smsan. Inget banget waktu itu cara Faz minta nomor telepon gue gimana
"Iya nih gue telat subuh mulu"
"Oh yaudah sini gue bangunin"
"Gimana caranya?" *ih kebaca banget dia minta nomer gue hihi*
"Ya telpon lah" *deuu gamau eksplisit blg minta nomor*
Dan setelah gue jelaskan kalo gue hanya punya nomor esia, akhirnya beneran lohh besok subuhnyaa ada telepon di esia gue yang berwarna orange itu. Nomornya +61 bla bla. Hah ini nomor darimana?
"Halo.. bisa bicara dengan Kara Rahmamitya Anindyajati?'
"Dari Siapa?"
"Ini dari kepolisian"
Sumpah saat itu gue agak percaya, ya selain gue orangnya percayaan juga sih. Soalnyaaa suara dia itu tuhh, ngebass abiss! Never thought that he has that kind of heavy voice. Kaya gak cocok aja gitu sama mukanya yang konyol hihi.

Akhirnya komunikasi kita melalui, telfon, chatting, dan email. Berhubung belom ada BB, jadi setiap gue pulang dari kuliah langsung online dan seneng banget nemuin ada email dari dia :) Dan lama-lama skype sih, yaampun dulu kan internet connection masih acak adut. Plus gue gak punya laptop berkamera. Duh penuh lika liku banget ya kisah gue dengan dia, struggling dengan yang namanya distance ini. Harus banget punya teknologi ini itu.
Sekitar 2 minggu kita kenalan lebih dalam, suatu hari dia bilang kalo dia beli tiket ke Jakarta utk bulan Februari. Lho? Ge er? Lumayan, tapi kenapa dia bilang-bilang sih -__- aturan kan bisa jadi bahan surprise ya. Dan saat itu ada issue dari dia sendiri yang bilang kalo dia gak akan meresmikan hubungan kita sampai nanti kopi darat alias meet in person. Hah??? Dari November ke Februari lama banget! *eh* Maksudnya apa deh, kesannya gak mau ketipu foto gue banget kayanya hehe.

Kadang kita juga berbalas tulisan di blog masing-masing, kalo jaman sekarang sih istilahnya postingan #nomention kali ye. Eh gak taunyaa, suatu harii tanggal 14 Nov 2008, dia ngajakin skype-an, dan seinget gue skype-an satu sisi doang. Kan gue gak punya kamera :D 
Dia nembak via skype dari kertas yang di tulis gede-gede. Mau tahu apa tulisannya? bisa cek di sini
Yeaa! Akhirnya dengan PDKT sekilat ituu, kita jadian dan mulailah gejolak kawula muda yang berjibaku dgn long distance :)

Oiya, Faz selalu bilang.. dia merasa tertipu dengan senyum manis gue di profile picture FB gue saat itu. Ternyataa gue gak semanis itu katanya, hihi. Padahal dia yang curang, dia gak pernah kena imbas juteknya gue *kalo baru kenal/ ketemu langsung* jadi yaah kena galaknya aja deh yaa suamikuu :*

Foto profile picture gue yang telah menipu dan memincut seorang fazzgoy

we've been known each other for 3 years loh bebi!
A year as a lover, 
a year as a fiance,
a year as a hubby-wifey.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sydney Trip part III

continue my previous post about sydney trip (part I and part II)

So after that wedding party, we decided to go to Opera House. Hmm i mean, we just wanted to take photos with Opera House as the background. And unfortunately, we got lost for many times. Sydney streets are confusing for melby people, so many 'no right turn' sign. Haha.. we just follow GPS of Isni's iphone. But dunno why we got lost for many times. We were so desperate but still laughing at our stupidity of finding the right street. Oh ya, the street was crowded with people whom celebrating Halloween. Their style and make up were so unique. I could feel that Halloween ambience tho its still 29th of Oct. We almost gave up finding Opera House, because we felt so sleepy and tired. But yeah after spent about an hour and half, we finally got there. Hmm actually not that close to Opera House but its okay! 

So here are the photos, with formal outfit *baca: abis kondangan* :D
Oh ya! That day was Hamish birthday! He's 1 years old nowww! Ohh look at him *Hamish ya, not his dad*, so cute, he's so calm everytime we stroll.. but he's getting fussy as we hop in the car. He hates his car seat so much. Yeahh baby H loves stroll and hang out! :)
Hemmm look at his hands! The way he touch me looks like Raul lemo* did to KD ;p
The nite has finally over. Time to go back home and get some rest. We all sooooo exhausted back then. Bye!

30th of October, Sunday.
Our last day in Sydney.. well we woke up very late, at 11 am! OMG, we wasted our precious last time there.
Time to pack up and get ready for our last stroll in Syd. Too bad we didnt know where to goo, cause we left Mosque approx at 2pm while we're gonna leave syd in 5pm.
So we decided to go to City, and again... we got lost. Ohh why...
along the way we kept cursing on syd road. Why is so complicated there hahaaa..
Sooo, here we are, finally, City..
The monorail were mostly full, so we're waiting quite long for empty seat. 
There was a lil tragedy, when monorail coming to the station, beng-beng standing on that yellow line, which is near from track of monorail.. and suddenly Ajiz, behind of beng-beng, act like pushing off beng beng yet hold him quickly.. what ajiz meant is joking, kidding but the driver of monorail noticed what he did to beng beng. And you know what, as monorail stopped, the driver whom a woman, go out from her space and yellin to Ajiz " Hey you! Come Here!" with angry gesture.
Oh My God, that was so embarassing. Ajiz didnt come to the driver, he just stayed away and talkin from the distance. The driver shouted "You cant do that bla bla bla" , while Ajiz defenses "That was joking mate". "You have to think twice before joking like that". Bla bla bla.. Grrr, Ajiz was so "tengil". Sigh.
Isni said, if Ajiz did like that in Melby he might be fined. So Sydney not strict enough. But still, it was embarassing dude -____-
We ended up having late lunch at Delima Restaurant *hu forgot take some photos*
Then, go back to Melbyyyy
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