Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review

I usually write down a recap of what happened in my life in a year. It might like a tradition in this blog :D
so lets get started!


always be a month that i'll be waiting for! Cause its my birthmonth and a beginning of new year, new hope, etc! Moreover, i was too excited to welcome January 2011 back then, besides my birthday, it was also Dian Pelangi's wedding day, and i was gonna have a holiday trip!.. ehh hmm DP birthday is also in January sih. Two days before mine! So her birthday is on 14th, and mine is 16th.. and she celebrated my birthday by held her wedding on that day as well! *halah* its just a coincident tho hehe..

on 14, we're having fun on Dian's birthday by giving her a 'surprise party'!
on 16 at DP's wedding .. i even forgot my own birthday as they greet me! hehe..
And here comes the day i've been waiting fooo... MELBOURNE for the first time! ihiiyy..
i spent a month in melbourne, and it was very fun.. yaiyalah, all we did is just hang out, eating out, strolling, etc. Hihi. That was a holiday, indeed!

still got my rest holiday in melbourne until 19th wohooo! 
and i forgot what else happened in February as i got back in Jkt hehe. 
All i know is... my hubby should be at Jkt by March.. ihiyyy!

finally on 19th we've launched this community, we're done a great job in organizing this event! 
Thank you for coming, thank you for helping us make this event!
on 28,
 horrayy time to pick him up! Alhamdulillah we met again after about a month

this month was Kakben and Caca big day! 
Happy wedding... :)
As hubby went back to Melbourne, a few weeks later, i have my armpits in operation. Sounds weird ya but its for real. There were like "benjolan" in my armpits, thats why i feel my armpits like "gendut" unlike others' armpits. The doctor said it's gland (kelenjar) that should be removed, unless it will bother me when i'll be a mother & breastfeeding later. 

may? hmm.. still struggling with recovery of my armpits, but a week after my operation i decided to join bazaar at lacodefin. So Mykamovic was in collaboration with nably covered & lila butik, took part of bazaar at lacodefin. That was our first experience in collaboration with kak fika and Ola ;)
on 29, 
took part in HC pengajian as a Qur'an reader. I was very nervous to perform in front of many hijabers :s Alhamdulillah it went well :)

Took part as a tutor of Hijab Class at Moshaict. Hmm quite difficult ya to show how to this and that in styling hijab in front of about 40 hijabers, hihiih.. i couldnt hide my jutek face/flat expression?impatient face :p

BACK in Mellbourne! Alhamdulillah, but that wasnt for holiday, it was for finishing our immigration things, so me as a wife, should be there for signing this and that letter.
And Alhamdulillah got a chance to make a video about Jenahara Fashion Series profesionally, thanks mbak Je for the chance! And thanks to my hubby for having an ability of filming and editing video. hehe.
on 21, as i got back in Jkt, alhamdulillah got a job as one of extras for QLC company profile :)
on 27, Alhamdulillah got a chance from Uni Ria for helping her as an extras in Warna , TV Program. I was the one who got chance to be make over by Uni
on 28, got the most awards from other committes at Gourmet World - luncheon with HC committe

ALHAMDULILLAH, its RAMADHAN! Nothing special happened in this month, all i did is just praying, focus on doing worship. I didnt want to be regret later of wasting time of Ramadhan, so i decided to break from HC for a while.. i decided to refuse breaking fast with friends, outside home. 

MY BEBI IS HOME AGAIN! yeayeayeaaa! Alhamdulillah, this is our very first time celebrated Ied Day together as a wife and hubby :) It was quite fun, meaningful, memorable yet confusing for newly wed :s But still, Alhamdulillah..
We went to Lampung, visiting my aunty. And Alhamdulillah, the Benny Moerdoko's big family member was very complete, include my hubby! My Eyang must be very happy at the moment :)
Lebaran moment was filled with our each family activites
Oh yaa, me and hubby were watching football match at GBK for Indonesia vs Bahrain. Wohoo that was my very first experience watching match straight from GBK. And hubby lost his blackberry even before we got into the stadion -___-

Alhamdulillah, i was back in Melbourne again for the 3rd time in a year! This trip aims to extend my visa, yeah i only got 3 months permission of staying in jkt (august-october). So i have to move from jkt and go back to Melby before my visa expired and being an illegal imigrant.
Alhamdulillah we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary togetherrr in that beatiful cityyy!
In the end of Oct, before i go back to Jkt, we went to sydney. Its was a fun road trip!!!

Finally got a chance to meet Suci Utami in person! we met suci, we got new peer group named blogger-married / married-blogger. So far, they're the best new friends! why? because we all now are at the same stage.. we're newly wed (not really new sih as we've thru our 1st anniv marriage) and still learning to be a better wife.

Slowly but sure working on my thesis. Huhu, thesis is my 2011 resolution that cant be done in this year. Hopefully i can make it and graduated from Fikom Unpad in the beginning of 2012. Aamin.

Alhamdulillah for everythings that happened in 2011. Its Actually not a good year for my academic thingy as i dont have any subject to study in the class, so i've spent my times more into holiday, doing HC thingy, but Alhamdulillah got some new experiences which earns money. 
So now is time to back on the track, focus and done what should be done.

Bismillah.. :)

Im ready for 2012! 
Aren't you? ;)


  1. Assalammualaikum :)

    My name is Pupu.

    I bloghopped gtom one hijabbers blog to another blog and i found your blog. I must say that i like the contents of your blog. :D
    so i shared most of your photos to my tumblr because i want to share with the rest of the hijab tumblrs.
    and yes, i also link your photos to your blog.

    i am sorry, i should have asked your permission earlier but i dont mean any harm to you. if you want me to take down all your photos from my tumblr i will do it. ^^

    here is the link:

    1. Hey dear, no worries.. actually i've found my photos on your tumblr before you drop this comment heheh..
      thats okay,
      thanks anyway.. ;)

  2. salaam alaykum! What a cute blog. mashAllah, the presentation is very nice! Best of luck to you and your husband.

    I wanted to ask an indonesian sister, where can i buy a silk kaftan online worn in many of your photos? I am from Canada but there is very little like this here.

    :) Thanks and keep blogging!

    1. wa'alaikumsalam dear, hihihi.. thank you dear, really appreciate it :)

      well actually most of my kaftans are designed by myself. Hmm sorry, i dont know where the good kaftan online is. but in Indonesia, there are some of online shop in facebook ;)

  3. hello nice to meet you :)
    and what beatifull your blog :)
    could you to learn me??


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