Saturday, December 3, 2011

Make Up Artist?

As i got home from my friend's wedding reception (my previous post), Noi, one of my committee HC friends, asked me to do her make up at her familly wedding party. At first i was afraid *sounds like a lyric* because i have to meet her at its wedding venue, which means will be full of her family and it'll be awkward i thought.

But yeah i think its a challenge for my own self, and it offered by Noi. Haha, i dont know what makes her choose me to do her makeup. I've never handled her face before, so it quite surprised me :D 

While i was doing her makeup and i feel doubt, Noi encouraged me.. "Kara, you can do it. Be like a pro MUA dong" hahaha.. she supported me like a truly teacher *yes she is*. And it works, i have to believe in my self.. in my abilites.
And what makes me more nervous is, her sister also asked me to do her makeup! Waaaa... i feel like very nervous, it drains my mind and very exhausting cause i have to think what im gonna put on her face. Seriously, being a MUA is not easy, cause we often meet 'new face' and have to make them outstanding by our touch! sigh...

But Alhamdulillah its very very priceless. Thanks Noi for trusting me and having me as your "MUA". Thanks for the challenge! Its such a precious experience. Hope you like it yahh...


  1. well, congrats Kara.. :)

    salam kenal ya :)

  2. @Raia : Thanks, salam kenal juga :)

    @dewi: cek video makeup tutorialku ajaa, udah diajarin kok :)

  3. All you have to do is just believe, Kara! Yes, you can defeat your fear. Then you DID :)

    Boleh dong nih di-MUA-in gw nyah, tapi gratesh yah, eh diskon deh diskon, harga temen harga temen, bihihihik :))))

    Sukses selalu buat MUA-nya Kar :)

  4. kara, kok video tutorialmu di you tube gag bs disave ya.. udah dicoba di 2 lepi padahal, hiks

  5. kara... u are really like a make up artist.suka suka suka

  6. @tengki: ahhh thank youu nadyaa *hugs* :')

    @sari: masa sih? coba di download bisa gak? pake youtube downloader atau keepvid ajaah

    @dina: huhuhu makasih yaa dear. aamin ;)


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