Sunday, December 25, 2011

Married-Blogger II

Okay, this is a late post about married-blogger second meet-up. 

on December 9, we arranged to meet up at Citos (mehh thats too far from my house anyway -__-) and too bad, there were only suci , kak fika, me and rommiy who can make it. 
Me and rommy came very late, at 4pm! hihi.. they're done having ramen at sanpachi. So we moved to Burger King

In this second meet up, Alhamdulillah suci has finally melted. haha! maksudnya mencair!.. finally she has fulfilled my expectation about Suci (the expectation that I've imagined before we finally meet in person). But one think that i havent get used to about suci is her voice hihihihi.. ;p

Anyway, We shared laughs, stories, and other girls' talk. So much fun, cause we're getting know each other more than before, so our convo getting more personal. We support each other, We listen to each other as well ;) Love 'em

But that was a short meet up, we spent only two hours. I want more like plissss :)

All of the photos are grabbed from kak fika's blog ;)

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  1. nice look all pretty..(-_-)
    =shad from philippines=


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