Thursday, December 29, 2011


Enjoying my Monday noon with my best friends (J & V) at this unique cafe while tasting the "it" red velvet cake. 

Somehow the ambience of this cafe reminds me of some cafe in Melbourne. Huhu. It has similar decoration concept with Melby's one. Take a look at this pic below
at Hobsons Choice- Williamstown, Melbourne

So both of them looks similar aight? ;) ahh i miss Melby and my man then :')

- Union, Plaza Senayan-


  1. hi kak,my first comment in your blog,,hmm,itu tmpatnya mirip kak,jgn2 lg kg suami y??menu makanannya sama jg kak??

  2. Abis liat foto2nya, langsung jadi kepengen red velvet.... hmmmmmm


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