Friday, September 28, 2012

Great Ocean Rd


Last Monday me and hubby and friends went to Great Ocean Road. Its 3 hours away from Melbourne. Actually its a spontanous plan, so we didnt arrange it well... Moreover i just woke up at 9 o' clock hahaha.. and asked Jane to join in the last minute! hehehek.. Jane is a friend whom spend her holiday for 3 months in here.. she's Mbak Jenahara sister..
As usual, we arranged to have barbeque for our lunch.. (the most simple way to eat haha) so we bought some meats first and some snack.

We (five persons in a car) left Melbourne at 11 am
Me, Jane, My husband, Vian and Aziz...
We shared some laughs and stories along the trip.. and alsoo some snacks! haha full of chips..
At about 2pm we stopped at some place in Angle Sea to have barbeque..
aaaa but i forgot to take some pics hehehe.. we also pray there as we were a musafir..
Then off we go to continue the trip..

But turns out we stopped again at nearby the ocean to take some pics...

The weather was sooooooo frikkin cold!!! Brrrr... luckily hubby reminded me to bring a jacket before we left home. Huaaa... never been to a beach as cold as this place... its like event not match at all. Beach and cold weather? hahh.. bad idea!

After taking some pics, then we moved to the 12 Apostles.. long way to gooo.. its afternoon already! So we gotta be hurry to catch sunset..

Finally after long way trip.. we reached the 12 Apostles. And it was even moreeee coldddd... frozen. Felt like having some cubicle ice right on my face...
Its sunset time! We arrived at the right time..

Well, we only spent about 15 minutes there haha it was so quick compared to our long trip.. But we had so much fun...
Going back home with some wind in our tummy.. so we (ehm especially me and hubby) keep farting along way back home.. nyiahahaha and the small were sooooo bad, even worse! Poor vian, aziz and jane who keep opened up the window when the smells wafted kikikikkk... :p

We got back in Melbourne at 9 pm. But we stopped by at Mcdonald's for dinner...

Thats all for our short trip..
Alhamdulillah :)

*coming up next: the video of our trip*


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