Saturday, July 9, 2011

Melbourne - July (2nd visit)

On 1st of July i flew to Melbourne (where my hubby lives) again, yeah Alhamdulillah! 
Never thought that i'd go back to this place for twice in a year. My last visit to Mlebourne was on January-February. But this time i only stay for 2 weeks only, cause there's something to be done.

Wow i finally feel what winter feels like in here! Frickin cold!!! Beyond my expectation!
Good to meet my hubby again after our last time on May! This is our 4th meeting after married.

Well anyway
On July 6, Wednesday
Me and my hubby hang out together with his buddies and get some coffee in this very very cold evening!
Rizal - Nova - Faz (my beloved one)

we gotta separate from the buddies cause hubby got to work filming a magical show, so we off to north cot

hubby as the interviewer

So thats all, time to go back home!

waiting for the train back home


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