Tuesday, September 20, 2011


That was my very first time watching football match live in Gelora Bung Karno. And the best part is to watch it with my hubby. he asked me to accompany him and help him to get the tickets, Alhamdulillah my best friend, Putri was very helpful. Thanks Pudi :)

We parked in Plaza Senayan and meet up with Kak Ben, and other faz's friends. Whatta sholehah wifey i am, huhh?? willing to accompany my hubby with his boys friends! hahahaha ;p

ehm! sorry if you guys really get bored of seeing me with this red basic hoodie! Haha, actually i dont know what to wear, i dont have any else red clothes. So i decided to wear it, and wear it again this red basic hoodie of Jenahara
Too bad! before we enter the gate/stadion, faz lost his blackberry! huhuhuhu!
There was such a group of  mess people who push us from the back and faz was busy to protect me and sadly after that he realized that his blackberry in his pocket GONE! innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun , i feel regret and careless as a wife. Because i had take his wallet first and put it safely in my bag, but forgot to save his bb cause he was busy calling his friends.
Well thats OK! as long as we had istirja, insyaAllah Allah will replace it better :)
unfortunately the match was stopped because of wild fire works came from supporter. and it was chaos!
we left the stadion before its finished, im afraid of the riot. So we went back to PS

Though faz lost his bb and indonesia got lost, im still happy :) 


  1. serius banget tuh megang hp, lg ngetwit ya pasti.. hehehe..

    btw, mo nanya nih, mykamovic ko ga pernah update lg siy di blog? udh pada sold out 'kah?

  2. AAahhh Kara... pantes waktu liat di tivi ada cewek pake hoodie merah ke-shoot.. ternyata itu kamu yaah.. :)

  3. salam kenal kara..
    hijabnya lucu, beli dimana ?

  4. @irma @nelva
    HAH SERIUS SAYA MASUK TIPI??? hahahha! ahh banyak kali yang pake hoodie :p

    @lia: haha lagi ngetwit apa baca TL yak
    iya mykamovic mah gak pernah updet blog, cuma updet di fan page. hehe tapi memang lagi kosong sih stocknya huhuhu

    @ bluepixie: salam kenal jugaa. beli di jenahara-shop.blogspot.com :)

  5. Kak kara. Aku ngefans sama Kakak. *melipir*

  6. makasih yah udah jadi fans berat akuh :* *melipir jugak* :p


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