Sunday, November 20, 2011


Guys, maybe some of you who have my bbm contact or follow my twitter, realize that i lately tweet or write about "positive thinking" or "think positive"?
Why? am i trying to be the next mario teguh or what? No, its like a warning and a reminder for my own self to keep think positive in anything. 
Why? What happen? Yeah, lately i just feel like tired of being my self who always keep blaming, complaining and, this is what i hate the most but i always do and feel  ->> being cynical or whatever that shows my mindset is negative. Geez, its really tiring you know!
We've been living in negative energy, reading timeline which people are mostly complaining, whyning, being cynical, talking bout others, bla bla etc.
Ive jsut realized lately that, WHAT? I've been a suck person, a people who always think negative bout others. Susah liat orang seneng. Seneng liat orang susah.

So on that day, i started to think positive positive positive! everytime i started think or being cynical, i got reminder like: Hey think positive, we dont know about her/him. Stop suudzan. Yeah "it" voice does exist in my mind. But i find quite hard changing my mindset from negative into positive one in a snap. I need a process.

A few days ago, i read tweet updates from caca, that she has just updated a vlog on her web. And she did Broadcast message also at bbm. And what did i think? i think cynical! Ohhh how bad person i am!

But a couple hours ago, i opened her blog, and started watching her vlog. OMG! Its like really what ive been searching for. Its like an answer, a tools of what ive been struggling to ; having positive mindset.
Seriously, i know her. This vlog is definitely so her! She's always having positive mindset. Never talking bout others. She loves to read positive books, motivation, psychology , etc. 
Honestly I USED TO love reading some kinda that books when i was teenager especially when my mom still alive and when i determined to get in psychology majority. But as i failed to get in, my mom's dead, i stopped reading that kind of books. I also felt tired of feeling of "should push myself to be better, to achive my goals, should  blah blah blah" after reading those. And now here i am, the most SANTAI people alive in the world. Huks.

So guys, lets be a better person in every single day. Try to be thankful of what we've got in every day. Try to leave those kind of negative thinking about ourselves and others! Because when you realized that you've been a suck/rubbish person to others, you feel like have wasted your time or even your life!

So happy watching! As you finish it, you feel like having some positive spirit and mindset. But then if you dont even feel like having an eager to change yourself.. crap! there must be something wrong about you ;) *oops that kind of negative words! ;(

you may watch it on

So, how do you feel? Feeling like want to be a better person? You're with me!
Lets do this together




  1. Karaaa,,tulisan kamu yang ini JLEB banget lhooo.. berasa kesentil deh,,ngerasa emang kita tuh harus selalu positive thinking yaa mindsetnya.. " you are what you think "
    Aku setuju nih yuk sama-sama change our self to be a better person. Stay Positive.. :)

  2. salam kenal kara.
    aku dah lama kepo-in blog kamu ini :p
    suka bgt sm kata2 yg 'kamu banget'.
    dan.. posting kamu kali ini 'so positive' ^^
    keren. double thumb d :)


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