Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Quick Quality Time with my Balimo Taruih, minus J (Ajeng) and C (Cocom).
What is Balimo Taruih? I've posted about us. So you may search "balimo taruih" in search box beside ;)

mine was mango cheese! Yumm! been craving pancake for a week, hehe..
That was a nice yet short catch up with them, too bad J and C couldnt join us. Hopefully we can make it next time, full team.
Well because we started meet at approx 8pm, so we gotta say good bye at 10.pm

See yaa girls ;)

I'm wearing jumpsuit by cotton on. Wanna buy one? Go to tab "FOR SALE" ---->
*sssst i've found my new hijab style! Is it look good on me?


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