Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Girls' Saturday out

Hi everyone,
Last saturday i had a long fun day with my girlfriendsss... yeahh.. no hubby! haha...
Been missing this time of having a girls day out...

Yea..We arranged to play laser skirmish (kinf of paint ball games but its a laser) on Saturday at High Point. we have booked to play at 11.30 am..
Saturday morning about 10.30-ish, Kania picked me up with her hubby.. He wanted to drop by us at Footscray.. Its our meeting point with Isni and Mbak Ruby..
Actually we a bit (or lot) late heheh.. sorry Isni and Mbak Ruby :D

We got on tram from footscray to High point at 11.. And arrived High point 15 mins afterwards. Then we gotta walk a bit to get the place... waw.. actuallya its kinda time zone heehe... there are games like in timezone, bowling and the laser skirmish.

We got there at 11.25. and lets play! Oohh too bad its just 4 of us who play the game.. hahaha... if there any other people who join.. we can make a two groups to battle.. but its just us.. so we should fight each other by ourselves hueheheh...

We wore kind of laser jacket on our body and carried a weapon.. we gotta shoot other's jacket as we have different colors. We got into a hall which full of walls.. yeah its our field to battle. The light is off and there was a music playing on.... haha actually i was a bit scared because of the darkness and the place is too big for 4 persons only.. and i dont really into some kind of comeptitive games. I dont like battle/ war games!!! hahahaha... and when one got shot, we (the shooter and the one got shot) usually screamed! hahahah.. funny! The game was only 20 minutes but it feels like so loong hahah.. tired of running and hiding from others hihihi it was fun tho! its an unusual activity for me hihiihi

These are some photos as we tried hard to take in a dark place haha..

Oiyaa.. actually we asked denis to join play laser, but she couldnt yet she would join us afterwards..
Yeaaa we walked back to Highpoint mall, to get some lunch.. we met denis there...
Got some lunch at the foodcourt... uhh yeaa.. i miss mall-ing hahhaa... my hubby never get me to the mall hiks. he hates mall that much hahah.. but i love!

Having chit chat while lunchy lunchy.. we moved to pray dhuhur. but we hard to find a proper place to pray.. planned to pray in the fitting room.. we entered store that much but mostly they have it half open.. finally we prayed at target's fitting room hehehe..

after pray, we continue window shopping hahaha... many stores i got in.. :p :p so tired.. As the time showed 5 pm, we gotta go home.. home?? ohh nooo... we should go to the mosque, bcoz there was a ngaji hehe..
Wait... before go home... we tried to take some pics five of us.. we used self timer! LOL... until a bule came to help us taking photo.. but her photo is not good -___- hahah
(four of us are married, except isni hihiihi)

Look! we bought same cute rings... guess how much is it? its $1 only! LOL we five shopped many stuff in that accesories store... most of the price is only $1!!!

Alhamdulillahh.... :)


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