Friday, October 12, 2012

The 2nd Eps of Muter Muter Melbourne

Some of you who follow me on twitter maybe already know that the 2nd episode of Muter Muter Melbourne has been uploaded.... Alhamdulillah.. thank you for all of you who have watched both videos, Alhamdulillah we got many good comment and feedback of it.. Thank you so much! :)

So i want to share the photos of the 2nd episode.. it taken by my phone..
It was sunny.. but i think it was sooo hottt...
So the place are..
Federation square, shrine of remembrance and botanical garden.
I was so exhausted at the last location. Too hot and we were hungry.. coz we walked that much! hu-ha!
So i didnt explore the botanical garden.. i was just sitting around.. heheh

And... here is the video!


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