Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Macaroon time


its a late post actually.
On Wednesday, last weekend. I was hang out with my new girl friend in here in Melbourne. Actually we've arranged to hang out with others too, but the girls who can made it just the three of us. They are Kania and Mbak Ruby. They're married too and also a student.

We went to City, yeah as usual, coz city is easy to reach with train or tram. Me and Kania came together by train cause our home is nearby Then met Mbak Ruby at SBS city.

Kania felt hungry so we had Lord of the fries.. ate some fries. Yummy! We had a quite long chat.. it was a deep conversation loh! We shared many things and discuss about Islamic study hihihi.. coz living abroad is different with living in our hometown, so we discussed about many things as a muslim who live in Australia.
Oya, Kania is Indonesian but she born in Sydney, she moved to Melbourne bcause his husband live here. So  Kania is obviously influent in speaking English, yet her Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary is minim. Thats what makes her funny, her accent is very oz but she try to speak Indonesia and when me and mbak Ruby talking about some Indonesia words, she might doesnt whats the meaning hehe.. especially bahasa Indonesia yang baku and some slang Indonesia words :p
While Mbak Ruby is doing her master scholarship.. she just moved here in early 2012.

After had a long chat, and feel a bit cold.. we moved to Madinah, a mosque in a city, to pray Dhuhur.
We got confused where to go afterward.. just walked down the street.. back to QV.. and Kania got an idea where to go. She said that she knowa a macaroon store in City. Its name is La Belle at Lt Bourke St.. we still need a map tho we were just walking.. haha..
Yea finally found it! Thanks maps hihi..
The concept of the store is cute. It reminds me of Nanny's pancake in Jakarta heheh. I rare find cute store in here.

Kania asked them which macaroon doesnt consist alcohol. So we ordered the one without. Oya, its $2.50 each. Hmm pricey ya haha.. but thats ok
I ordered caramel one, while Mbak Ruby had raspberry, and Kania had Earl Grey and Rose.
Haaa.. mine is yummy! yeaa its a play safe-flavour rite hehe.

This wasn't the last stop. We moved to Pappa Rich lohh to have some drinks.. we craved something seger-seger.. hahah.

Yeaa finally we gotta back home. Went back home by train again... and ask hubby to pick me up at the station. hehehe.. because my house doesnt nearby the station huhhuhu

Alhamdulillah.. had a great quality time with them. I feel refreshed hehee.. because this is the second time i hang out with girlfriends huihui.. compare to me in Jakarta, i often hang out with my girlfriends huihui. So i was so extremely happyyyy having time with them, having some girl talks which i can't get with husband hehehek

See yaa


  1. A....senengnya ka Kara tinggal disana :)
    Anyway,pada cantik-cantik semua lagi :)

    1. Iya alhamdulillahhh udah disiniii hehehe... :)

  2. Hi Mbak Kara,
    sekarang tinggal di Melbourne ya?
    Wah, di sebelah mananya? Kebetulan saya juga tinggal di Victoria ;)


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