Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Midnite post

Alhamdulillah this pregnancy so far so good!
Its been 18 weeks and i start to feel his/ her movements hihi *yes still have no clue what the gender is*
It feels amazing!!! At first i thought its a wind inside my tummy which ended up with fart. But then its more like "kedutan" inside my tummy. Awww :')

Seriously i'm overwhelmed, and i couldnt thank enough to Allah for this blessing towards our marriage...

This baby truly wonderful, i rarely feel the nausea and other pregnant woman usually feel. Or maybe im not aware of those things? But the obvious thing is i dont experience morning sick, i dont vommit, i dont hate smell something like onion or etc that makes me cant cook.
Alhamdulillah this baby and this pregnancy is strong. Hopefully till the due date. And hopefully we're healthy and normal inside-outside.

Gosh, i have no idea about being mom with the new baby born. But i guess having our healthy-normal baby around us is beyond happiness, no matter how rempong it will be. Hehehe. Still cant imagine how i handle my own baby with the gumoh and the poop, pee things. Haha!

well goodnite bebiboo, lets sleep :)


  1. semoga sehat terus ya bebibo nya :)

  2. hai kara =)
    saya juga gak ngalamin morning sick dan temen2nya, Alhamdulillah.
    banyak bersyukur yaah, qta dikasi kemudahan sama Allah menjalani kehamilan =)
    nice blog, calon mommy =]


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