Friday, November 27, 2009

i have no idea

was it too much?
was it pure because of that case? or its just about my self matters?
ahh i dont care..

i just feel like too tired to compromize, understanding and appreciating others.

saatnya untuk egois, saatnya untuk benahin diri gue..

though i was crying when i saw his apologize expressions (via webcam) by write it on post-it,
but i sill feel the same. i feel like either love and hate him.

gatau ahh. capek. males. ribet..
i need my "me time"
i have to take care of my ownself..

i dont know what i feel now..
i just dont want to dealing with some kind of relationship things..

lalalala.... gatauh ahhh!
kt temen gw, bisa aja cobaan mau nikah. tp kok hati gw berkata lain ya, knapa bawaannya pengen nyerah yaa.. ahh mental loser! kena apa dikit malah bukannya fighting on it malah keenakan tenggelam di dalamnya.. bawaannya nyerahh!

krisis jati diri nih jangan2.
bener2 ngerasa down.. ngerasa ga berharga,ngerasa malas untuk berinteraksi.
whats wrong with me?
i have no idea.

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