Sunday, November 29, 2009

i really want these.. now!

what i really want now, are :

yes, i really want this item! huhu.

i want zara boot! yeahh. i think its pretty cool for hijabi to wear boots. but where do i live in? in Indonesia. yup, but luckily i live in Bandung now, which has a cool weather, so I'm permitted to wear it, right?
beside that, it could be an investment for me whenever i live abroad *wink wink

I want these, bcause i think im too small. so that i need some tools to make me look taller :)

last but not least, i really need him to be near right beside me, like on the pic above, instead of  being far away, like we are now :(
im missing his laughs, im missing the way he makes me laugh, missing his jokes, miss him being around me. miss him all the way!
i hate the distance

nb: oke saatnya menabung!

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