Sunday, November 29, 2009

My MBTI test

hai folks,
ive just took my MBTI test.. do you know what is it? get to know it, by googling it your ownself ya! haha..

and here is my result,

Click to view my Personality Profile page

wow ive just realized that i am an ISTJ person. hmm i thought that i was INTJ. maybe, as the time goes by, ive been changed.. it's possible.
i thought that i was Intuition but at the end of the task, i know it that now i've become a sensing person.

ohh yes i've always believe that i was born to be an introvert. hehe. see how the result shows, 84%.
and wow, my judging side decreases than before i've ever took the test. yes i knew it, that im more like perceiving person than judging. i enjoy being a deadliner lately. hehe.

so, take your test here

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