Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the effect of istighfar

have you ever felt the effect of saying (repeating) istighfar?
I have !

if we keep repeating istighfar, so Allah would give some unexpected sustenance.

I've experienced it!

Someday I was istighfar-ing when im on way back home, and as I arrived home I found a 50.000 rupiahs inside my pocket bag ! WOW !
I couldnt remember where that money came from. either i took it myself on ATM or from my papa then i put it folded. ngahaha.. alhamdulillah pokoknya!

and the other experience is just happenned lately..
i had been not isitghfaring at that moment.. till one day I did it, ( I usually doing istighfar on my way to somewhere).. and again as I arrived home, I got a call from my grandma, she told me that I left an envelope of "gala gampil" (bagi2 amplop pas lebaran) with 50.000 rupiahs in it. WOWW!
I left it on Ied day, i put it on my grandma's cupborard. I perhaps left it because there were so many envelops i got ! but i think it's a quite long time ago. since september till january !

hahah. alhamdulillah !
I've proven it
I've experienced it
that Allah's certainty does EXIST!

bye all :)

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