Tuesday, January 19, 2010

whats wrong with me ??

whats wrong with me today?
I argued with two people in one day!
one with one of my best friend and the other was with my step mom..
i dont know why, is it because of my period? or it's just my uncontrolled emotion..
i dont know why...
i feel like such a sucks person who cant make a good relation and interaction with others..
i feel like i wanna escape from all of this sheet!!
i wanna run far far away from all f these shittyness..
i know, the problem is on me.. me, myself and I!
but i have no idea to fix my ownself..

my self is such a damn huge enemy for my ownself..
its very hard to beat ur ownself, ur own ego..
ive got such a big egoo..
which very hard to beat..
goshh... God please help me..
i know You are the one who created me..
so please give me strength to face this reality..
give me more patience.. dont let me run away from You..

latest news: i finally got reconciliation with one of my bestiest..
glad to know that..
soo i gotta change my bad attitude from now on?
but how?
i dont know... just wait and see..

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